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I'm a biologist with my focus on ornithology. That's birds to the lay man. I'm a proud college graduate. I have worked as a zookeeper and now work in aviculture. My favorite birds are the parrots because of their intelligence. Of those I find macaws and budgerigars to be the best because they are tough and so energetic. I also love birds of prey and corvids. I'm a metal head and live off of true metal. Some of my favorite bands are: Kalmah, Graveworm, Nile, Running Wild, King Diamond, Iron Savior, Therion, Gamma Ray and Sonata Arctica just to name a few. Metal inspires all my creative outlets in many ways. I love to write and draw. I'm into monsters and demons. I love drawing the darker side of things and have a sick sense of humor. I'm my own worst enemy for my creations because I'm a procrastinator and few of my works get finished. I'm working on a book that I do forsee getting done. I'm a conservative Republican. If you don't like that take a hike, because I'm right and you're wrong.

My best creations are Thagirion (of course) the ultimate evil demon, Sorath the sun god who's Thagirion's second in command, Dr. Owen Fairfield Marsh, a obsessive, hateful, vengful flaming headed mad scientist and Jerone Thanatos a drug lord, arms dealer and international corporate giant. Thagirion and Sorath have human forms, Davon Ember Flare and Solan Rah respectively, and enjoy controling human events from behind the scenes.

I have a strong developing taste for botony. I like cool unusual plants. Not your common garden variety flowers. Some of my favorites are Nepentehs, Cucurbits, Aristolochia and Passiflora. I love to read as well and my library consists of pet books and science books. Occassionally you'll find some classic literature mixed in as well as I appreciate good writing. When it comes to science I love it and how could I not since that's what I did in school for many years. My books are mostly about evolution, astronomy and biology.

I'm a casual gamer. I don't game as much as I used to in the early 90's but when a game grabs a hold of me I become obsessed for weeks. More so if I can create my own characters in said games. I enjoy sandbox and action games based on sci-fi.

My personality type is INTJ. I play well with other NT's especially INTP's and SJ's especially ISTJ's.

I'm constantly changing obsessions. I obsess on something really hard then move on to the next thing. Some last longer than others. I fight it and try not to change but I never win.
CURRENT OBSESSION : Sims 3. My own Characters.

Unfortunately because of the facebook and open source defeating the purpose of "registered users only" being able to comment my journal is now only open to comments from people in my friends list. I'm sorry to those of you that ARE registered users and wanted to comment without adding. I don't like it either, but there was no other choice. If you want to comment you have to have a LiveJournal. If you've added me and I haven't added you back and you think you'd be active and contribute well or just really want to say something about the cool thing I mentioned in a post then send me a PM. If you're on my friends list then you're lucky. But be warned:

Don't disagree on my entries. If you don't like what I say go whine on your own journal. This is my castle and I am the tyrant Queen! I only want to hear opossing views if I ask for opinions and there's a very fat chance of that. I don't go around telling people they are wrong on their journals don't do it here or you're open season for a flaming. You disagree? Good but I don't care because you are wrong so take a hike. Add me if you wish, but don't expect me to add you back. I'm Very selective of who goes in my Friends List. If I DO happen to add you back I will be active and respond. I expect you to do the same. I'm not saying comment constantly but you'd better comment when I ask for it. I like active commenters. If you don't then don't bother and don't waste my time. If you're a whinner, a cry baby, a complainer or a loser don't add me. I don't want to read about how fat or ugly you are or why your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend sucks and you can't get away from them. I tell things like they are and I'm not here to bring you up or inflate your fragile ego. I have no sympathy for that type of thing. Oh and if you anger me I will bite and it won't be pretty and you'll end up hurt so don't do that either. Enjoy my journal!

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