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December is here!

Winter is now here as it is the start of December. I don't know why but I'm ready for it. I've kind of been done with November and wanted to get December started. I love Christmas. So I posted two chapters on Triangulum today. I just wanted to finish those up now that they are revised. From here out the rest is new and I'm working on another outline for the characters. I'm excited how Triangulum ties into another Thagirion Realm story and want to write those ideas down. But well all my stuff is tied together as it's Thagirion Realm and one massive time line.

Got some nice new orders in. I was recommended grow lights by a brand on Amazon called JCBritW. They are LED's that are full spectrum for plants. I have one and was impressed with how tiny it was. It turns everything pink and I have some of my nepenthes under it. Two of my plant grower buddies on youtube use these so I wanted to get some. I might be able to put them in some small spaces like over the kitchen sink. I got Chris a new controller and also a small purple travel sized Bible. He was very happy with those. I had one but he needed his own.

I'm still stuck for a card idea. I don't like this as it's now December and I'm very behind on stuff. Chris gave me the idea of Fear with a scary snowman. I'm considering that but not totally sure. I have a few things I need to do practice sketches for.

Bullet is doing well. She has ugly tumors round her legs now. She had such cute budgie drum sticks before. But the good thing is she seems better. She's gained weight, not just from the tumors but she seems a little more plump in the breast so I hope she is getting better. A long time ago I had a budgie male with a huge tumor between his leg that lived a long normal life. I don't know if he was related to Bullet but I think so which sucks. I'm not having such good luck with Optic. She's old but she had a leg broken. I've added budgie "carpeting" to the floor of the cage and she and her mate Budgie man live alone in there now. But she's so thin and always fluffy. I may have to resort to hand feeding her. Bullet hasn't had to have formula since before the trip in Oct which is wonderful news.
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