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Another Great Day

I always loved in the SpongeBob episode Wormy when Patrick says, "Why must the sun set on such a perfect day?" Chris and I have been saying that a lot on our days off. We have had such good days these past months that we don't want the day to end. I think that's the sign of a great relationship and yesterday was again one of those days. It's been cold and we have nearly all the plants and all the birds inside. After our normal errands we went out to sell some of my old toys and Chris's DVD's. This is part of emptying our house out. We're still getting rid of my mom's things but now we've started to get rid of our own stuff too. It was sad to part with so many of the Pixar Cars figures I worked so hard to collect over the years but they've just been sitting in a box for over a decade forgotten. That means I don't need them. We took them to a comic/toy shop and the owner took most of my stuff. I was thrilled about that because we got rid of like five big boxes. The funny thing was he kept asking how much we wanted and I really had no idea. He was looking stuff up on ebay and I finally got sick of all the back and forth and just told him to make me an offer. He said X amount. "Deal." I said rather quickly. His face fell and he goes, "Oh man I should have said X amount less." I just smiled. Yeah well he screwed up. We took the movies to the DVD place but didn't get much on those. There was a thrift store next door to it and we just dumped off the movies that they didn't take because no one would take them, they weren't selling in the garage sale and we need less stuff. So that's two more boxes that were gone. I'm sure over the year's we've made lots of people happy that find stuff at the thrift shops that we've given. So it was a profitable day for me.

We ate a Longhorn and had some of the new stuff there. We were amazed by the new stuffed mushrooms and I had the squash again. So good. We have't found any home made ones that are as good as Longhorn's. Chris also bought a new pair of purple ear buds. They work and we'll be able to use those to talk while playing Forza. Speaking of Froza, I got some funny pics to share.

I managed to pause when these chickens were flying away. I love that they look like they are floating. So cute.

The closest thing in the game to Bruce and Fear. There are no Toyota Tacomas. Or many Toyotas really because they were jerk and pulled most of their cars from the game. There is this thing called the Arctic. Is that even a real truck? Never heard of it. But Chris got one to represent Bruce. And I got my two door Jeep. I need to learn to use the art program. It's hard as it's shape manipulations. I might be able to make a simplified version of my Fear hood but it won't be as good as the real deal. I wish you could just upload images to this game and use them on cars.

jokerforever, I found this comic and thought of you. I Love this.

Can you imagine of Ronald and Joker really were brothers? That's such a great idea. A good clown and a bad clown. I like Ronald. Always have but well I think I have to side with Joker if that were a story.

In gaming news I'm very glad the game Fallout 76 is doing so badly. Chris and I watched the announcement about it on E3 and when they said it would still be a single player game we never believed the guy. Sure enough as release date got closer it was confirmed it was online only. Sorry be we refused to be forced to socialize so they lost us right there just for that and I'm sure lots of other people. But the problems didn't stop there. The game has tons of glitches that weren't known from the last game and never fixed. They've totally ignored the story's time line. That was the reason we gave up on Star Trek. To us it's TNG - Voyager. The new stuff is garbage liked only by idiots.And on top of that they don't allow returns on their games. There's a video going around about a black customer that trashed a Game stop when he could not return the game. It's not game stop's fault and though what he did was totally wrong it's also funny because it shows how pissed all the fans are. If he used that energy to go after Bethesda for what they are doing that would be great. But seems they are under a class action lawsuit now for this very reason of not allowing returns. The fact they out right lied to the fans is technically fraud. You say you have a product that does one thing but sell one that does something totally different and is defective. Yes that's ripping off the customer. I'm glad I didn't buy it but then Chris and I just have that intuition. But it boggles my mind why this even happened when Bethesda has always been a great company that has heeded its fans. I guess they finally got greedy like Nickelodeon did with SpongeBob and have ruined the one good thing they had going. Killed the goose that lays the golden eggs. This makes me afraid that I can't trust them on future games like Elder Scrolls because they'll just mess it up again. This was a company I stood behind but now after this, I'm glad they're getting so much flack.

I have been re-writing my notes on Triangulum. One reason is because as you guys know ex partner gammara was never on board though she asked me to be. Those lose ends have long since been fixed but seeing the old notes an updated log is needed. Not only that Chris and I have added A LOT of awesome new material. I'm proud this story has never skipped a beat but then I've been working on it alone with only Chris's help from the start. So I will be posting a lot about this game concept and well you saw the art from yesterday. I'm loving this and would be great to see this as a real game one day. An example of one of the major changes is no more Gord. Including him before was a hard thing that never made any sense. The bad part is that his story was important. But it needs to be scrapped because this screws up the timeline majorly and why is an Earthling in the Triangulum? Hard enough getting George out there but his story made sense. Gord's was a stretch of the imagination. There really are no humans in this game. So Gord will have to be replaced, like the other characters were, by some new alien I have to make up with the same vendetta against Fear. Gord's story on Earth takes place AFTER Triangulum Resistance as does Schuyler's who I am toying with adding to the Gord story line. But I'm getting off topic. So yes changes like that that will keep the story believable and intelligent. Poor Gord has had a hard time from the start figuring out where he belongs on my story, but he'll always be a villain that thinks he's a good guy. His story is almost hammered out now.
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