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Got You Buddy

At last I have finished this drawing. I drew this last year but only now am I finally finishing it in color. So this is the scene from the Triangulum Resistance story. If you have not read it please do so and comment HERE

So this is the scene after Fear is beaten by the aliens. George kills them all and carries his fallen comrade out of the area. It was a heist gone wrong and the only reason they went in there was because they needed the special fuel for their star ship the Rising Star. What a long way it's come from the pic I posted where Fear wasn't even colored. I am thrilled with this because at last the scene from my story is made real. That third floor catwalk was where the fuel was. Where Fear was ambushed and he was thrown back down to the second floor. Luckily he didn't land in the vats. I love how the acid turned out. It was fun working with all those greens and giving everything including the guys a green glow. The pics I upload aren't even full size. Fear is so messed up but you can't see some of the details in this smaller version like you can on the PSD. George is evil but he has honor and loyalty. He cares about those he works with and those that are on his side.

Well now for some crappy news. This year seems to have been bad for celebrities. I'm sure most of you know about Stan Lee the creator of Spiderman passing away a few days ago. I only just found out that Stephen Hillenburg the creator of SpongeBob passed away today. Oddly enough I was talking to someone through email about SpongeBob and he sent me a link to a blogger. When I went there I found the news and was shocked. I've been on a SpongeBob kick lately reliving the 00's. Chris and I are about half way through season 1 and we only care for the first three seasons which were the Hillenburg era. When he left the show the episodes became terrible. The show is now dead to me as without him they can't ever bring it back to be as good as it was. They really should just end it. Lots of people have been calling for a final episode. Ok here's how to make a great final episode. Just give the show the ultimate Happy Ending. Mr. Krabs retires after having made loads of money from the Krusty Krab. He marries Ms. Puff and they live happyily together. He let's Plankton have the formula and Plankton finally starts a good restaurant of his own. SpongeBob finally passes his driving test and becomes CEO of a chain of restaurants. Patrick gets hit in the head and becomes smart so he goes back to community college to finish that. Sandy moves back to Texas. And Squidward finally becomes a good and famous Clarinet player. There are no hard feelings, they have a final farewell party and they all go their separate ways happily. The End!
Tags: scary fear, spongebob, triangulum resistance
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