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Happy Thanksgiving!

Late Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you had a good one. Mine was great. We had Wed off and mostly worked around the house a bit. Had some errands to run like going to the bank and the post office. Glad those are out of the way now. But the coolest thing was we took advantage of the early Black Friday sales and Chris bought me an Xbox 1 X. We set it up but had a problem that there was no sound. It worked on the head sets but not on the TV. Chris finally found a video that explained how to fix it. You'd think it would be a setting under audio but it's not. It's a setting under Video. How dumb is that? For some reason in video the sound to the HDMI cable is turned off. And the HDMI that comes with the Xbox is not powerful enough to handle 4K. WTF? Why sell a 4K system if it doesn't come with the right parts. Luckily cables aren't that expensive so I'll get a nice one later for it. Chris bought a bunch of them for his system a few months back so I want a pretty green one for my Xbox. I may buy some back up HDMI's. I need one for travel too s it would be nice to have a nice yellow or red so I can see it easily in my black bag instead of everything being black. I used to love black electronics. Not a fan of it anymore. They are too hard to find in the dark and everything being black you can't see anything.

So yesterday was Thanksgiving. I set out my cute inflatable turkey. Finally I had room for it this year. Here is a video.

I don't know if we can meet the goal of having gotten rid of all my mom's junk before the new year but we have a little over a month to do that. We also watched the Presidential Turkey Pardon. I love that tradition. It was started by Abraham Lincoln.

Though I'm not a fan of texting I do enjoy sending holiday greetings to the few friends and family I have on my phone. Chris and I spent the morning sending Happy Thanksgiving and cute icons to everyone. I keep in touch with some of the raptor pack this way too. It's fun to send a photo about pets and plants and art.

It's interesting how the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, has gotten so big over the recent years and changed so much. It's always been a big shopping day because many popular items are majorly discounted. But it's spawned things like Cyber Monday and Early Black Friday which I do and don't like. I remember that for Thanksgiving if you didn't buy food and supplies you were out of luck because nothing was open on Thanksgiving. I think it's good the whole nation took off to give thanks and relax. Same thing with Easter. It was total shut down. But now stores are opening early in the evening to get in some last minute sales before the official Black Friday. I don't want to be anywhere near stores today. But we did take advantage of that. Chris bought me the Xbox but I had no games so we went to Gamestop to get me my own copy of Forza Horizon 4. There was already a big line. I had to go back to the car. I didn't want to wait, I was tired and low energy despite having fun. Also too many smelly nerds. Chris toughed it out and got the last copy in the store. What luck. That was too close. So it worked for us but, it still seems wrong since it's supposed to be Friday when the sales happen so that game is gone for the shoppers today. Well I am happy with the deals we got. There are a few more things I wish we could have gotten but we can't afford it even at sale prices. So we're done.

We spent the rest of the day gaming. We had a blast. One of the funniest thing was I crashed and my car went flying over the tunnel for so many yards. I was launched. I had a corvette that was Lightning McQueen so it looked funny. If only the Xbox recorded better like the PS4. PS4 is always recording and if something happens you can save the last fifteen minutes of footage. The Xbox only records forwards so when you press the button it records what happens next. I hate that because you don't know what will happen next. You want to record what Happened most of the time not what will happen. So we don't have a copy of that unfortunately.

I hope today I make progress on the George and Fear drawing. I've been so busy with gaming and last month's vacation really messed up my time. I have no finished this month's Bullet journal which means I'm now behind on December. I'm not happy about this. I hope I can make something in time for this month.

So on that note I'm thinking about Chritmas cards but I have NO ideas. I'd like to feature Fear this year, but any of my other guys will do also. So PLEASE comment. I'm open to ideas. Fear, George, Schuyler. Hum, maybe even Gord ha that would be an ugly Christmas card. But I would like it to be Fear this year.
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