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Forza Horizon 4

So in our free time Chris and I have been busy gaming. I mostly want to talk about Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox 1. I love this game and there are very few things I don't like so I'll get those out of the way first. The menu system sucks. Everything is buried and confusing. It's as bad as the layout for the Xbox dashboard. I wish they would quit making things look like cellphones. PS4 is better that way. Easy menus. I hate finding my cars, my points and other things in this game. I hate that when you pick a GPS point your car is facing the wrong way 95% of the time. The wheel spin. This is a love hate thing. The concept of winning cars and money slot machine style is great except that's not the only thing on the spins. There are also car horns, dance moves called emots and clothes. It's so annoying to "win" pink shoes when you wanted a Ferrari, or clown dancing moves when you could have had 250,000 bucks. I also hate that you can't use the money you have to buy clothes or horns. All characters start with jeans and a T-shirt. But you can't buy specific clothes you want. You have to win them in a wheel spin. So if you have characters like mine that have specific outfits good luck getting any part of the suit you want let alone the whole suit. I'm playing Schuyler so I actually want a black top hat. No luck on that yet, but I did end up with a silver top hat. I'm using it but it irks me that it's wrong. And last complaint is ugly males. You guys know I prefer male characters but since they are pre-made you are stuck with what the game gives you. This is the first game where all the males are ugly and I haven't liked any of them so I've been using females that kind of look like my guys. Schuyler is a girl. The only two guys I chose were Solan and Ophidius and only Solan kinda looks like himself. Oh there is a fake plastic mustache you can win but for Ophidius I've been having the opposite luck and winning cars and money and not ugly clothes for him. Of course that's how this stupid stuff works. I wish I could give cars away too. I got spoiled by Dragon's Dogma where you could give away weapons and armors so Chris and I were trading back and forth. There is an "auction" but you can't sell a car for a dollar on there. The game gives you a set minimum and maximum price so I don't care about that too. But worse than that is that you sell the cars to other gamers. There should be a computer vendor that buys back the cars like every other game with a market system. So selling cars is not something I will do much of.

So those are the things I don't like about the game. I do have way more pros than cons for it. I love you can drive anywhere. I love the variety of cars though not many Toyotas. That's not the game's fault. That's Toyota being jerks and having pulled out permission to use their cars. I think there are only three Toyotas in the game and none I had ever heard of. So no Tacoma or Tundra or Supra. Really stupid. You'd think they'd want the advertisement. I love that you can paint the cars and the missions and races are fun. There are also stunt jumps which are fun and point billboards you have to find and smash. And I LOVE that your avatar appears in the game when you win. I'm glad I updated all my accounts. You can make your own art in the game but it's done by putting shapes on top of each other. I think it will be really hard to make quality art like I do normally. I'm amazed people can make things on such a hard program. I don't know if you can save a project and then keep working on it or if you have to finish in one go. That would suck and I fear that may be the case. Of course I want to recreate my own jeep and have Fear on the hood but that will be super hard for me if not impossible. So I found someone made a perfect JP Jeep and have been using that. I do want to make a Bullet car with cartoon Bullet as the empress. Any suggestions on what car should be the Bullet car? That's if I can even make her, but budgies should be easier shapes to make.

Here's the JP Jeep. I tried to make this photo look like the cliff called Top of the World in Utah. Do a google search for that. It's an amazing scary place to park your jeep. Oh this game takes place in England btw. Another great feature about it is it has changing seasons that last seven days. I hate winter. We were counting down the days. The only good thing about it is the frozen lake you can drive across. The only time of year that's a short cut because it's a huge lake. Right now the game is in Spring and I'm LOVING the colorful flower fields. But here's mud everywhere. Summer will be the best driving season. Dry and green. And Fall is my fave for the leaves and it's fairly dry too with little rain.

This is Chris's Ram truck. He found a Jurassic World color for it. The dinosaur isn't as good as the jeep but well I understand this is a hard program to make complex shapes with so I'm not too critical. You can still tell what it is.

Here's how my avatar shows up when you win. I loved it way too much the first time I saw this. I had no idea the game did this. So that's one thing Xbox does better as PS4 won't allow custom art. Oh and that's my Schuyler from behind. I hope I can win all the parts for the outfit but not likely.

There are sooooo many names in this game it's awesome. This screen is for real names. It's spelled the normal way here. Skyler. All I care about is how it's pronounced so I love the game calls me that. Of course not all names are in the game as I make up my own names but some are right and some are close. Here's what I chose.

Owen Marsh - Owen
Thagirion -Devante
Ophidius Slith - Slick
Schuyler - Skyler
Gallemotch - George
Solan Rah - Falcon

Devante sounds like Davon so I like that. Slick sounds like Slith and Ophidius has oily hair so it's prefect. Plush he's a slime ball lawyer. George is Gallemotch's human name so that works. Last names are under nicknames and Smith is in there too if I had wanted to go by his last name. And well Solan as Falcon is my least fave. Solan is a real name so I was disappointed it wasn't in there. There was no Sunny in nicknames, no Sonny in real names. I was running out of ideas then saw Falcon. Well Solan is Ra and he has a Falcon bird form. But then the annoying British accents pronounce it Vulcan. ARRGGG. So he's the only one I'm not happy with and don't know what else I could pick.

Here's a screen of what it looks like when you win a race. Though I pick solo race the game puts in real gamer's characters to race against. We noticed early on we were in each other's games so that's why I started to use my other accounts. I really wanted my characters to place in the top three. Total we have seven accounts with Malidicus so that still means the other two might be strangers we don't care about. So annoying. Also for some reason our computer controlled characters tend not to place in the top 3 which sucks. Now one funny thing is that if you're in a race for a specific car type and you own that car, say it's off road buggies, then that car will be in the race. So I have gone through and picked custom paints for all my cars so the cars are also fun to look at. I have many movie cars like Chick Hicks, Lightning McQueen, Ghostbusters Ecto 1, Back to the Future Delorean etc. But if you're in a race that your character doesn't own the car the computer will give them one. In the top screen cap none of those cars they were driving are cars I owned. So I find that amusing. And now I know that I love the look of the Lamborghini Veneno.

Ok since I was talking to ACTipton about the Spiderman game here are pics of my two fave suits.

I think this is just called the Green and Black suit. This is my second fave suit. It's glowy and nice.

Fave suit is called Fear itself. Not only is it my fave color of turquoise and it glows, but these are Fear's colors and it's a reference for him. So I love it. Not a fan of the blades on the arms but I don't care because it's blue and it glows.

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