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So I have been very busy lately. Chris and I had a day off yesterday and we spent it mostly gaming. I'm playing two games right now. Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox 1. I had some problems with the xbox because when the Xbox 1 came out they changed things on how you log in. It used to be you could log in with just your user name and password. That's how it was for every thing. But now they made it so that you have to log in with your email. There's no option for user name. That's really stupid and though I write down all my info I didn't write what emails went with what accounts. So my older accounts were lost for years. I finally had to go through all my emails and request passwords and then log in and find out what account that was. It took forever but last night I had everything but one account back. As a last resort I had to get my old xbox 360 out of storage since it still had my old accounts logged in and I found out what my email was for my last account. I finally got that one back this morning. I'm so happy. And then began the whole gamer pic change.

The old Xbox 360 forced you to have gamer pics of those cartoony characters. I always hated that. Luckily this is one good thing about the new xbox. You can upload your own pics which means my custom art. I'll get to why that's so cool in a bit. But the problem was that they want you to upload pics in

1080 x 1080

I have premade icons and all are 100 x 100 because of LJ and that's the size most sites take. But since Xbox 1 is such high definition it needs a bigger higher quality file. That's huge! So I had to remake all my stuff. Luckily I always keep my photoshop files which are huge just for reasons like this. You'll never know when you need full size images. Unfortunately I only have stuff on my computer as far back as 2013. I made pics for all my accounts except Owen. His best pics are actually my really old pics. The ones I use here on LJ. Though I do have the photoshop documents for those they are on CD's SOME WHERE. So for him I had to blow up a small image and it looks bad. Everyone else has nice new icons. This means I need to make some nice new drawings of Owen and get him up to date. Luckily I had new awesome pic of Thag from No Hard Feelings. So that fiasco is almost done.

The cool thing about Xbox is not only can you have custom art, in the newer games your art appears in the games. I'm loving every time I win a race in FH4 that my drawing of Scary Fear is there. For Chris it's my drawing of Malidicus attacking George. I will never get sick of that. It amuses me to no end. I also love that you can pic your color for your account. So of course for Fear I have turquoise and the background is turquoise and the highlight and spinning load images are turquoise. For Chris they are green and all the other characters they are appropriately color coded. Love it! But that's about all that's good I can say about the Xbox. I totally hate their interface. Everything is so buried in menus and makes no sense. Things are so hard to find and settings are very hard to change. PS4 has way better interface. Very minimal, BUT they are jerks and don't allow customization. You can put your art up for your background which is nice but you can't upload custom user pics. You have to use the boring ones they offer so no one is unique on PS4.

Tonight will be a cold night in the 40's so I need to bring in all my lowland plants. I hate this time of year for having plants go in and out. I put in an order for a new LED grow light. I hope it will work out and be better than changing flourecent lights once a year. I'm still going to need flourecent because these are purple, blue and red lights so things will look terrible. But they are full spectrum and many of my plant growing friends on youtube have recommended these. I'm upset though because yesterday I lost a rare plant. My truncata F alba died. I noticed it was wilting and turning brown. It also had scale. I treated it, and did my best but could not save it. Very upset as not only was it a rare plant but an expensive plant. Also it was last year's Christmas gift from Chris that was quite a struggle to get from vendors. I have no idea what happened as all the other truncatas in the same conditions are thriving and doing well.

I'll stop here for now. Got to get to work. I'll edit if I left anything out.
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