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We're back

Ok I have some major catching up to do post wise. The last post was the morning of the 31st. We had a long drive of four hours. I hate passing through that section of South Carolina. Even though it's few miles it's longer hours because South Carolina as slower speed limits than Georgia and North Carolina. Plus they've got a long stretch of nasty construction that's been going on for over a year. Chris and I were taking turns but I ended up driving through the worst of it. Fear got the best of me and we had to pull over and get me food. I love him but sometime's he's a bastard. We ate at a Bojangles. We like those because we don't have them in Florida. Also they carry these yummy fancy coffee creamers that Chris loves. They come in different flavors like hazelnut, French vanilla, mint etc. We arrived in North Carolina around 1:30 which wasn't bad with all the stops we did. I'm glad we took turns because Chris wasn't too tired.

We arrived at actipton80's house and I gave her a long pumpkin as a gift. It was funny because her mom liked it so much she took it. It's a breed called Pink Banana Pumpkin.
Scientific name is Cucubrita maxima which is the same as jack o lantern pumpkins. So it's just a different breed. Most Halloween pumpkins are either C. maxima or C. pepo. I also gave her a rooted cutting of Nepenthes x. ventrata. I hope it will acclimate and do well in her climate. The poor plant had a rough trip over being in a plastic cup so long. Once we got settled in we took Actipton out to Starbucks. I wanted her to try the purple dragonfruit drink that I love so much. I'm glad she liked it. We let the budgies play together. Bullet was feeling pretty good and even flew to their cage once. That night I dressed up as Fear and posed for pictures. It was a fun Halloween.

November 1st. We got ready and went out to Crowders Mountain Park. It wasn't too far away. About a 40 minute drive. It was nice and I liked the nice display they had at the visitor's center. The trail we chose was hard. We had no idea it would be climbing over boulders so we did not make it to the top of the mountain. We only made it half way. I wasn't disappointed though. I enjoyed the scenery and all the cool leaves we saw. We found a few little creeks too that were making the babbling brook sound that I love so much. So we went back home after that. It's too bad we didn't have time to do everything. I had brought some movies to watch but this time we didn't have time.

November 2nd. We left early and headed back to Georgia. The drive on I85 south is always easier through South Carolina than the drive north. I don't know why but I did notice that. One thing we did was we stopped at the Peachoid. I had seen that peach shaped water tower last year so I had to stop there this year because who knows when you'll get another chance. It's like The World's Largest Peanut Monument in Georgia we stopped at last year. I'm so glad we did because one of the hurricanes knocked it over. It was so sad. I hope they fix it. Anyway I had the great idea to dress up as Fear and have some pics taken as well as some video. Quick side note. Flickr has been bought out by Smug Mug. Never even heard of that site. Sounds stupid. Well the changes will be forced on us next year and those with free accounts are getting screwed. If you have over 1000 pics you'll lose all of them but the latest ones and if you hit the limit you'll be stuck and not be able to upload. You'll lose the free 1 TB Flickr offers. That's really screwed up and those that have been here from the start should be grandfathered in. I'm hesitant to put up pics now. Why should I bother. So it may be a while before I post any until I can figure out where to host them. I do have my own website of course, but that's not so great because I don't have time to make a photo gallery. The pics would just be dumped there to be hosted here. So I haven't figured that out yet. I don't want to do DA because DA doesn't allow private folders like flickr did. I'll figure something out but I have to do something about moving the old pics. My old posts here will end up with broken links which will suck and other websites use my pics and tutorial folders. So it will be a bit before I post these vacation pics.

We finally got to Georgia but my uncle forgot to unlock the door for us. We were stuck out in the cold for an hour or so. We took advantage to film more Fear videos but it really sucked. We were very tired after that. I brought up the idea to go home a day early because Chris's boss always makes him work extra after a vacation. Not complaining but it is kind of like pay back for taking a week off since Chris is the best employee. I didn't want him to be exhausted then have to work right away. Plus we were both pretty home sick at that point and going into game conniptions since we hadn't been able to play our games we had just started.

Nov 3. That morning we had a final breakfast with our aunt and uncle and loaded up the jeep. That was a long drive. The longest part of the trip. We took lots of turns driving almost every two hours. It got dark on me so Chris had to drive the last hour home. I just can't see at night even with the awesome headlights I have. We got home around 8:30 pm. We were sooooo glad we came home a day early.

Nov 4. A day to do nothing. And it was a low energy day for me. Also it was another anniversary. 22 year 9 months. Chris FINALLY started Red Dead Redemption 2. That's pretty much all we did all day. I watched him play and really enjoyed it. It's a prequel to RDR so it was cool to hear familiar names that we know what will happen to them in the future. You play as the outlaw Arthur Morgan. Unlike John Marston from the original game Arthur is a total S type. Personality wise he's so much like George that I'm very much enjoying the game. He kind of sounds like him and there are a few suits that kind of look like George's. He questions things but always follows orders. He's loyal to his boss and he's very experienced having been with the gang since he was a boy. One mission's dialog really made me think of George. A guy's cart broke down and his horse escaped. The girls riding in Arthur's cart told him to go help. So he did. The guy was very thankful and Arthur didn't like that. He told the guy he only did it because the girls asked him to. The guy didn't care why he did it he was just glad he did. The girls then told him he had a heart even if it was a small one. Arthur told them if they hadn't been with him he'd have robbed the guy and one of them replied, "But you didn't." Yeah that really reminds me of George. He's an evil cowboy demon but sometimes he does good things though he's reluctant to and then feels bad about it as it goes against his nature. I'd say George is 90% evil 10% good. Fear on the other hand is more like 70% evil 30 % good maybe 60/40. He's way more unpredictable.

So today I'm feeling better. I hope to unpack and work on some art. Maybe. I still feel a bit sluggish. But I'm very motivated to work on the drawing of George rescuing Fear. It still needs an official name. I really need to work on my Bullet Journal too since it's late into the first week of November now and it's nowhere near finished. I got behind because of the vacation and wish I had brought my color pencils and pens with me.
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