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I'm thrilled that we got our HP printer to work finally. The new cartridges for the Epson didn't work. It read that it had full ink but printed blank pages. I did all the tests on it and not sure what would fix it other than a pro taking it apart and putting it back together. I hate that I have to keep it around because it's an awesome scanner. The HP has a crap scanner I can't use for my art, but it prints well. So after getting ink all over us and ending up with rainbow hands we now have a lovely printer again and yesterday I ran some gorgeous prints off of it.

Look how nice these are.

Here's a close up the Staples Print. These were terrible. The color was nice but it's all grainy and blurry. Also it has red and blue lines through it. They told me the paper was glossy. That's not glossy at all. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for these but I don't want to even give them away or display them. What a waste. They have fancy expensive printers and my cheap $50 one once it works has way better quality.

The contrast is better on the Staples one on the left but I'm willing to trade that off for these high gloss, in focus, sharp and vibrant prints. I have to remember to lighten everything then when I print my stuff but these are display worthy and gift worthy. Unfortunately my computer is in the red on memory. I'm getting scratch disk errors and can't open photoshop. So I'm backing up videos which I think may be the culprits taking up the room on my C drive. I SO need a new computer. I just hate that I'll be forced to have windows 10 if I do that. Ever since I got the GoPros it's amazing how much space videos take up. I've already filled an external drive that I think was 1 TB with just redundant back ups. I've got one left and who knows if it won't be full after this transfer. I hate backing stuff up. I'm just waiting for it to clean so I can open photoshop.

I finished October for the Bullet Journal. YAY I'm so happy about that. I need to start working on November right away and try to finish it. Seems it takes me two weeks to finish a month. I might be able to do this one faster since now I kind of know what layouts I like and what to do. I still dont' feel fully confident since I am new to Bullet Journaling. I'll post pics soon of the new journal pages since I won't be making a video on it until the end of the month.

The cover of my Bullet Journal featuring... BULLET. She's probably going to be the mascot for the whole book.

October cover. I really like how Scary Fear turned out for this.

Dailies and a place for ideas.

The monthly page.

Weekly Spread 1. So funny to see these blank. I've really filled some of these out.

Weekly spread 2. I wrote the Inktober list for this one. And thought the drawing Mr. Krabs made to scare SpongeBob would be perfect if I needed a shopping list. Here's the video so you guys can get the joke. Watch it. It's hilarious.

Weekly spread 3. I don't like this spread. As far as layout. I drew it with markers and it looks cheap and crappy. I may try to trace an outline with pen to make it look better. I am happy with my art and margins though.

Weekly spread 4. I like this one but don't know how practical it will be when I get to this week. Might be hard to write on the boxes on the right since they start as a triangle point. I like the first two having all seven days on one page but don't like how little room there. Though 3 is boring it might be the best layout for writing.

This is just bad ass. This is now my fave page in my journal. Death and Fear turned out awesome and this looks so metal. Fear is so creepy in his cloak. Took me nearly all day yesterday to color this one.

So November is next. The theme this time will be Carl and Ellie from Up since I think of them as Chris and me. The hardest thing will probably be learning to draw them and thinking of what poses to have them in.

Oh as for Inktober I'm far ahead. I've sketched out through 16. But I'm kind of stuck for ideas on Scorched, breakable and drain. Any suggestions?

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