Des (thagirion) wrote,

My First Bullet Journal

At last here is the video on the Bullet Journal.

I made some mistakes but loving how this turned out. I have now learned rulers get dirty with ink and I have to be careful as it went all over my hands, smeared on my journal and messed up the tips of my markers. I love how the cover with Bullet and the drawings of Fear turned out. This whole thing has been so fun to make. I have to finish the rest of the weeks still. Then I can think about what to do for November. May-be I'll do a nepenthes theme or try to do something with Solan and George. They both have Fall colors and are best friends.

Today was a nice day off. I didn't do much but Chris worked on his own closet. The living room is again a disaster but it's on its way to it becoming better over all for the whole house. As you saw my art room is becoming so nice. I love my table. And I hope to repaint the walls and eventually put up my posters and framed art. I had another great dream about a pirate king that I need to post here soon. So many fun dreams lately. But I'm keeping this post short for now.
Tags: bullet journal
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