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Bullet Journaling

My Bullet Journal is off to a great start. I got it yesterday and started late on it. I also had to go out and got more art supplies. I mostly picked up a big thing of 50 generic gel pens from Hobby Lobby. I drew an awesome pic of Bullet for the inside cover of 2018. I'm still working on my October cover. One big problem I have is I don't know what kind of layout I want for my weeklies. I noticed that everyone starts with Monday for those. I used to have a weekly planner in high school and boy did that help me. I NEEDED one each year so I never missed an assignment and was always on time. Because school, and most work, is M-F Saturday and Sunday were small sections at the bottom and that's how most layouts I've seen are. I had forgotten so I was confused why it didn't start on Sunday. But our work week is different. It starts Thursday and we have Wed and Sunday off. We didn't want two days back to back because it's nice to break up the weak and also have a weekday when we can get stores mostly to ourselves. So it would be funny to start the week on Thursday. People would freak out seeing that. But I have decided to go with the Monday version only because Oct 1 when I started happened to be a Monday.

I finally have a chair at my art table. It's temporary though. Chris put one of the dinning chairs there for me. I REALLY need my gaming chair though. I hope I can order it in Nov and not wait til Dec. Though the dinning chair is comfy and doesn't hurt my back I have a new problem. It hurts my arm and neck. I think this is why my arm is so bad this morning. It's too low and my art table is too high. Really I've never used a table to draw in ages. I always draw on my lap. I may just sit at my table and work on my trusty clipboard like always. Dinning table can't be raised like an office/gaming chair. The annoying thing about an office chair is that then my feet would dangle and hurt my back so I need a step for my feet when I get that because I'm a shorty, haha. Other than that I LOVE my set up. My art table is actually a drafting board but I can't draw with it raised like an easel. I never understood that whole concept. So uncomfortable. Plus it's a working table so all my books and pens would slide off it.

And this is hard to believe but I'm going to do inktober this year. I "blame" Peregrine for "twisting my arm". You guys know how much I hate inking. Hate it being either traditional or digital. I don't know if I'll do all 31 days. But I already drew yesterday's. I'll try though. I hate stupid rules though and one is no digital art. Screw you man. Digital art has inking and it's just as big a pain as it is in traditional art. I may do a few digital ink posts just to protest the idiot rules. Though digital is more work really not just counting the scanning part. Here's the promt list for this year.

1. Poison ..... 11. Cruel ..... 21. Drain ..... 31. Slice
2. Tranquil ..... 12. Whale ..... 22. Expensive
3. Roasted ..... 13. Guarded ..... 23. Muddy
4. Spell ..... 14. Clock ..... 24. Chop
5. Chicken ..... 15. Weak ..... 25. Prickly
6. Drooling ..... 16. Angular ..... 26. Strech
7. Exhausted ..... 17. Swollen ..... 27. Thunder
8. Star ..... 18. Bottle ..... 28. Gift
9. Precious ..... 19. Scorched ..... 29. Double
10. Flowing ..... 20. Breakable ..... 30. Jolt

I originally thought about doing these in my bullet journal but then was worried I'd waste all my lovely pages. They are limited after all. So I've decided to draw them on index cards because I have tons of them lying around for years now. I'll put this list in my bullet journal though. I'll probably color some of these in pencil after it's over to break all the rules and well inks should be colored. To me inks are just outlines or highlights for colors. The chicken one I'm imagining a lovely Salmon Faverolle in pretty light tan colors. A great job for my colored pencils. STUPID LJ didn't put the spaces in for my list. Sigh! Well adding dots made it a bit better.

Anyway. Some people do themes. I think I'll try to feature Fear and Bullet as much as I can. Same goes for my Bullet Journal. Today is another great day for Bullet. She was flapping her wings and slamming her door today. Ok I better get to work on all this art now.
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