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Two dreams Thag and JP

I have two dreams I have to log down before I forget them. A few days ago this week I dreamt about Thagirion for the first time in ages! I was him but walking through a city in human form. I could feel my incredible powers within me. But some stupid old woman was following me and kept coming up behind me and poking me in the arm. I was getting very pissed off. When she did it one more time I turned on her, took true form and grabbed her by the throat with both hands. I slammed her against a wall and watched her struggle for a second. Black smoke came out of me and went into her. Long black strands began to come out of her neck. I was giving her throat cancer. I dropped her and then went on my way.

This dream was very powerful and I liked it for a short time. I'm surprised Thag wanted my attention. He rarely intrudes on my dreams the way Owen and Ophidius do. They are my attention hogs. But I suspect it was because he was glad I had given him attention since I had just drawn him with Fear in No Hard Feelings. As for the strands of black rope in the dream I have no doubt that was influenced by the craft project I'm currently working on that involve paracords.

Ok and just last night I had a very fun Jurassic Park dream. So much happened I hope I can remember it all. This dream was focus on meeting the actors, but was unrealistic in that they hadn't aged and all still looked like they did in the movie. It was so wonderful to see everyone from Jurassic park there at this indoor museum like place. I think there were props from the movie on display in cases. My mind focused on Hammond (Richard Attenborough) and Genaro. Sadly Hammond has passed away and part of me knew this in the dream but I still didn't realize I was dreaming. The guy that was Genaro was very nice. I think I dreamt about him because I had seen that fan made video he was recently in. I thought it was great he did that since he'll never bee in a Jurassic movie again. Oddly enough when he was looking at the props he reached for one and some kind of venomous bug bit him in the hand. I didn't see what it was, if it was a spider or something else but he had to leave. That sucked and we were all worried. Eventually he came back and everything was fine. I told him about some of my ideas I had for my stories and art and showed him some drawing. I also told him how I thought an action figure of him would have been one of the greatest ideas ever and he thought it was funny. I'll go into that later.

Then the scene changed and we were all getting into a Jurassic Park jeep. Of course I knew we wouldn't fit. But I had an idea of how it would work as one of the jeeps was an automatic and had a center console like my modern JK. Grant had gotten in the back seat and I told him no he was the driver and had to get in the front. He's kind of a big guy compared to the others so I wanted him in the front. It's only two people up front and maybe three in the back but I knew I could get more in the back by having the two kids go there, one adult and then myself facing backwards sitting on the center console. That worked and no one was cramped. Ellie was in the passenger seat. I forget who else was in the back. Possibly Muldoon. But the weird thing was that in the "trunk", a small storage space in the back that's open, was a raptor. She was an actress too. She only played the role of an evil dinosaur but was actually very nice and friendly. And she could talk a little like a parrot but had a limited vocabulary. She understood and could use words in context. She started talking and said, "Raptor want weapon. Humans all have weapon." She was talking about all the props used in the movies. I was looking right at her since I was facing backwards and she was more on the driver back side of the jeep. "What do you want?" I asked her. Her eyes lit up all happy as she thought about it. "Want magic staff." Oh boy. How do I explain to a talking raptor that magic isn't real and fantasy weapons aren't part of Jurassic Park which is science fiction. She can't have a magic staff. HAha, but luckily I didn't have to explain anything since the dream ended there and I woke up.

Oh man I loved that a lot! I was definitely in a happy place last night.

Here's the video I was talking about that had Genaro's actor. I totally respect he did this for the fans.

Ok now about my toy ideas. Jurassic World released the Legacy collection which had Dr. Grant, Ellie, Muldoon and the jeep. The figure are smaller than the original Kenner figures but so nicely made. They are movie accurate when the others were not. I hope they'll make a series too and release all the JP figures. But what the characters I REALLY wish they'd release are these four, John Hammond, Donald Genaro, Mr. Arnold and Dennis Nedry. Nedry already had a figure but it was terrible! It wasn't fat and looked nothing like him. He was too skinny and looked more like Doc Oc from Spiderman. What's worse Kenner had a chance to redeem themselves and when series two came out they released another Nedry but it was the same only painted his clothes different. NOOO WTF? Hammon never had a figure. He needs one. Genaro and Mr. Arnold never had a figure either but these two would be so fun from an action figure point of view. Mr. Arnold could come with "Arm ripping action!" since his arm was taken off in the movie and all that was ever found of him. The Nedry figure has arms that rip off. I didn't even find this out until recently and I've had it for years. They could do the same thing. But I think the Genaro figure would be the most fun as an action figure. He could come with a toilet. That would be so funny then you could recreate the scene when the T-rex eats him. And there's a new T-rex out now that's big enough to eat figures so it would work. So those are my ideas and the two dreams I had this week that were a lot of fun.
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