Des (thagirion) wrote,

A Very Good Day

As the subject says, I've had a very good day today. If you didn't see yesterday's post please check it out and comment. No progress today on my mask though. But I got some great stuff in the mail. Chris bought me a pretty turquoise blank journal for me to write verses and stuff in. I love it. The cover says Everlasting Love on it. So then I had the song in my head by Carl Carlton. I got my cuttings today of the dragon fruit. I'm thrilled too. The seller was super nice and because he got delayed shipping he threw in extra cuttings. I mean he was really generous. I ordered 1 Frankie's Red and now I have 4!!! I will plant them in pots tomorrow so they start to take root. I also got 1 American Beauty bonus. YAY!! So here are the types I have so far plus the three unknown types I bought years ago.

Bruni - White
Frankie's Red - Red
Condor - Purple
American Beauty - Purple.

That's a very good garden for a beginner like me really. So I have two purples. I'd like to get one more red so I hope to get Lake Atitlan Red. But it's not a priority right now. My neighbor down the street called and asked if I'd found anymore costume jewelry. No, not much. I did have a very small pile and I was waiting in case I found more but she came and bought it anyway so I was happy about that.

Guys remember that "simple" Fear drawing? Well it's not so simple really but I finally finished it today.

I guess with Fear there's never anything simple. This one had a lot of layers and masks because so much stuff was both in front and behind like the table, the arm which is in two parts, the wings and the pencil. I guess I didn't make it simple after all. I'm starting to wonder if any fear drawing will ever be simple. But I'm very happy with how it turned out. I wanted the background to look like it was a traditional drawing. So I went for that paper look. I really like how this turned out. So Fear is annoyed that someone has failed him. "If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself." is the cry of many INTJ villains. Two other phrases I could easily replace in there and they'd work would be "Good help is hard to find." and "Next time."

My arm seemed better this morning. I think I was able to put it in a pose next to me that I have not been able to do for months. It did finally start to hurt but I hope this means I'm on the mend. Bullet is doing good today. She screamed happily in the morning and flapped her wings. I was thrilled about that.
Tags: dragon fruit, scary fear
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