Des (thagirion) wrote,

Fear's Character sheets updated

Ok I'm very happy now with these two sheets. The first version had too much stuff crammed into one area. I think a part two for his wing details is the way to go with this. Click for full size.

This is way better. I may still do some final tweeking but nothing that needs to be brought to anyone's attention. Like the pic of him on the rock I was lazy and did only shading but no lighting. I'll add lighting later so his feathers show up better. But the big pics are finally visible and people can see how his wings work when opened and closed. I think I got all the spelling right too now. Let me know if anything slipped by. I'm very happy with this. I love how he turned out with his wings. My beautiful Fear monster.

So things are going well. I've got so many ideas and projects in the works. My plants are all doing well too.
The only bit of bad news is Bullet is sick again. Her tumor has gotten bigger and she's been throwing up. Vets are closed on weekends. I've got her on powdered over the counter antibiotics I hope she'll recover. She was doing great but now she's bad. Please pray for her. I'd like her to make it to her 5th birthday on Sept 17 and also be able to go with us on our trip in Oct.
Tags: scary fear
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