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Haven't been well but things are going well

I'm still waiting on one final gift to arrive in the mail. It should be this week and then I can make a haul photo like I do every year. I've gotten everything from you guys here online so thank you and I look forward to revealing what I got from you. I've been thinking about my door art. I think I thought of a way to make the last edits to it much easier. I don't know why I didn't think of this before. I've redone this stupid pic so many times each time doing it slightly easier and easier but I guess never an easy way. I hope this is it and I'm done with it. But won't be today as it's a day off.

It's early in the morning and I'm waking up now. I have to take the jeep in for an oil change. My oil changes have been very far apart. I took it in once at the three month time but they told me I didn't have enough miles and sent me off. Ok. Well I don't drive a lot so it takes me forever to get each of those five thousand miles added on. The car is going on two years and I barely have 14,500. It's still a new car. I may be able to reach that on the way to the dealership today but definitely not the 15,000 I need. Even with last year's trip to Canada it only added about a third of the miles I have now. I have one last free oil change after this one but that expires next month so it is wasted in a way. No way I can add another five thousand miles in a month.

I did run a lot of errands this week. Things like going to the bank. I got very stressed driving and then got very weak. I almost want to say I got sick but it wasn't an illness. I just had a very bad loss of energy for three days straight. I couldn't drive anymore and I could barely do anything at home. I mostly gamed but even had my moments where I could no longer hold the controller or think. I tend to get this way when I return from a vacation but it sucks. I shoudln't be losing so much energy. I'm almost recovered now and hope this will never happen again. Speaking of gaming. I have been playing a lot of Jurassic World Evolution. This is the first game where I have cared about achievements and trophies. I want to get 100% completion but it's been hard. The only things left to do are to unlock all the info in the Ingen Database. That's stuff like characters, locations and memos. I'm working on the memos. You have to get perfect ratings with the three factions on all five islands. So I'm playing through all the five islands again in order so I don't miss anything. As for characters and locations tough that's harder. No one really knows what to do to unlock them. Some are random events like a ceratosaur eating a guest or selling Barbasol in the gift shop. I'm afraid this will keep me from getting the last stuff I need because how am I supposed to know what to do? But once I get that it's my last gold trophy and then the platinum trophy automatically unlocks for doing everything in the game.

Ok so I haven't uploaded the pics like I said I would but here is a video of the cool cake I made.

It was way too much cake for two people though and we ended up giving it to our friend Mike. We know he'd love it and he did.

Kabuldur and I were talking about the Australian dash cam videos so finally here's a good one I want to share that I found last night. It's funny to me to hear them swearing. I love the Australian accent. Some of these crashes are amazing. Oh and like I said every country has a certain theme when it comes to these compilations. Chris and I noticed that in Australia it's white flatbed trucks/service trucks. Most of these accidents involve a white flat bed service truck or there is one present at the scene. There are fewer in this compilation but still they are there. They are a menace. Add them to the list of stuff to be wary of when you visit Australia. Haha.
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