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A very nice birthday

Well I had a very nice birthday this year. I don't feel any older, but then I've never felt old and I never will. Life is good. Got lots of nice birthday greetings and nice cards in the mail. I got some nice gift art I will eventually post to DA. Chris and Joker got me Amazon gifts. I've put in my orders there already and am looking forward to the neat stuff I should get this weekend. I can't wait. I still have one gift card from my inlaws. I think I know what I will do with it. I've had to chose things carefully. It always boils down to either buy one big expensive thing or buy lots of little cheap things to make you feel like you got a lot of stuff. Always a hard choice. This year I think I'm going for the one thing. And this time I've mostly concentrated on Jeep parts. Though Chris ordered me all those plants. Eventually I'll do a haul photo once everything comes in. So thank you to everyone that contributed.

This is the first time that I also got a custom cake. I'm not a fan of cakes actually but this year I wanted one because I wanted to draw my own art on it. I had picked out a Ninja Turtle themed one that was pink and blue. But they told me they couldn't do it the way I wanted. So I picked the next one with was blue and green. I told them to leave it blank and only have the text Happy Birthday 2018. I wanted to lower the price that way and have room to paint stuff myself on it. So we picked up black, white and blue icing. The next day I made a joke to Chris that it would be funny if they got it wrong and added all the extra stuff even though I told them not to. Well when we got the cake that's exactly what happened. It had the four turtles in the sewer and the city. I didn't care. It was a neat figure to have. I took it and removed the turtles and washed them off. They are now displayed in the game room and look nice on the shelf. I fixed the hole in the cake and then used the icing and drew Fear on there. I'm very proud of this cake and think I did a very good job for my first time. I didn't know how to control the tubes but with practice I think I could get this and do better next time. By then end of it I was already doing better. I didn't have any red for his hair. Just blue so I did all of it in blue and his eyebrows in blue. If I liked sweets and cakes I probably would keep practicing or get better tools, but it turned out quite well. He's creepy. I will post a pic next post.

For now I will share some cool pics of a jeep I saw in a parking lot.

I love this white and turquoise combination. Those grille inserts are my fave. They must have bought them and then custom painted in blue because I've never seen that color for sale.

It's very nice. I was definitely walking around it and checking it out.
Well originally I was not going to change the wheels on my jeep. Just the tires. I like the ones it came with and the cute hidden jeeps on it. BUT, then I found one quite by chance worthy of Fear himself. Check these out.

Made by Fuel Wheels it's called the Cleaver. The F could stand for Fear and it's in an aggressive font that looks like it could be his. I need to find out of these will fit my jeep and if so then well I will save up for them.
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