Des (thagirion) wrote,

Snakes and Dr. Claw

I had a great dream last night and want to write it down before I forget it. I was actually multiple dreams and I know why I dreamt about all this stuff. The first one started in this huge house looking at antiques. I can't tell if I was watching a cartoon or I was in the cartoon but it was something my mind had made up by Disney. A snake appeared. It was green and very cool and evil looking. I was so impressed and mentioned that I couldn't believe this was a Disney cartoon. It was more like my art style and way too scary. Well to scary for them, I was loving it. And then they started doing something I don't remember what but also something that would never happen in a Disney movie. Probably out right killing people in plain sight with their venom. It was awesome.

In the second dream, there was a shadowy character running.The first part of it started like a movie I was watching. It was Dr. Claw and he had lost everything. His castle had been destroyed, who knows where his awesome transforming car was, but he had finally done it. He'd killed Gadget and he'd taken his coat and hat just so he could sneak past the police and into the city. I caught up with him in a back alley and told him I was there to help. In my mind Dr. Claw's face was always in plain sight though you never saw he himself on the show. To me his face is the Mad symbol so he's actually a demon. Demon head with human body. But in this version my mind added something new. He threw away the hat and coat and when he did he had these grey/silvery wings. Beautiful. Add wings to anything and it becomes many times cooler. I was thoroughly impressed. And that's where the dream ended. I spent the time thinking about what to do and wasted the dream time. A flaw that happens often in my dreams.

Ok I know why I dreamt all this. The snakes in Chris's game made an impression on me for some reason and I've been reading the Jungle Books to him. Not sure why Claw was in my dream as I hadn't thought about that show much but he was my first fave villain as a very young child. My first obsession so he'll always be there for me. BUT the wings. I know why I dreamt about that. I'm working on the jeep door art and Fear's stupid wings are being a total pain to work with again. I've only got one to go but that stupid drawing was giving me a majorly hard time yesterday. So that's why they showed up in this dream. The aggravation will be totally worth it when this is all over.

Oh and I just remembered another tiny piece of the dream. I think this happened before everything else. I could fly. I wanted to go to some place across the city during the day and didn't know who to get there. Someone said, "Just fly it will be fast." I wasn't sure because I wasn't supposed to let anyone know I could. I always flew at night. But aw Hell ok. So I did and I just took off in broad daylight despite everyone freaking out. It was fun haha.
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