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Plants and games

So things are going pretty well. My plants outside are doing great. The N St. Pacificus is growing its first pitcher under my care. The one it came with unfortunately died. This one is solid green and I worry it may not get the pretty orange or tan color of the original. But I think that's because it's in the upper pitcher stage. Upper pitchers are shaped differently and usually aren't as colorful as lower pitchers. But it's forming a basal so that's like a whole new baby plant and I should get those nice colors on those. Though right now they are very small. I was very excited that my two big amorphophallus out front would finally produce a flower this year, but now I think they won't. A new shoot broke out from the ground but I think this is the second leaf now. They've both gotten taller. Too tall for a flower. What fooled me was that they were so thick but the main stalk is thick so I should have known. Again I must quote Malcolm. "Boy I hate being right all the time." I think it's the case that when they first come up is when it flowers. If the first thing to come up is not a flower you won't get a flower that year. I was hoping this was an exception. I'll keep at eye on it but got excited over nothing. Now I think this is the second leafe and the first one will die back.
Here is the second driving compilation. I may start to work on the third one today.
This one has some funny conversations. I talk about Jurassic World Evolution which I have been playing a lot lately. I have all the islands unlocked now. I got five stars on Isla Tacano. That was super hard. I think that will be the hardest island. I started Isla pena but got a bit bored with it since I haven't unlocked everything like the transport balls and dinos like stegosaurus or Spinosaurus. But that's on Isla Sorna which I'm working on now. One thing I wish they'd update is the stupid feeders. There should be an option to level them so they don't run out so often. I'm sick of constantly getting empty feeder notifications. It's worse than the disease out breaks. At least that I can control by giving stronger immune systems to the dinos. I may consider that as that's the next most annoying notification. Whenever I get new disease research I open that first so I can have my ranger teams be able to have medicine that can cure anything.
So I'm excited about my birthday next week. Chris ordered me some plants. Can't wait for those to get here. I wanted to do a big jeep order but that didn't happen. Not this month anyway but hopefully soon. So that's been about it. I feel like I'm forgetting something. I'll edit or make another post if I remember what it is.

Edit: Ah I know what it was. It was this awesome photo I took of a tiny newly hatched lizard. A Cuban Anole on my tiny N. Sibuyanensis x raffelesiana. Pitcher is 1 inch tall.

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