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09 July 2018 @ 11:49 am
Birthday Wish List  
It's that time of year again. If anyone wants to get me anything here are a few suggestions

Amazon Gift Card
Ebay Gift Card
Native Exotics Gift card https://nativeexoticsonline.com/product/native-exotics-gift-certificate/
Quadratec gift car https://www.quadratec.com/products/GIFTXX_PG.htm
Extreme Terrain Gift card https://www.extremeterrain.com/xt-gift-certificate-mailed-gcxte.html
Carnivorous Plant Nursery Gift https://carnivorousplantnursery.com/collections/gifts/products/gift-certificate

Here are some nepenthes I would love to add to my collection.
N. glandulifera
N. clipeata (especially clone U)
N. trusmadiensis
N. sumatrana
N. tobiaca
N. sauroguinensis
N. neoguinensis
N. spathulata
N. burbidgea x viechii

Gift Art of Scary Fear or George Smith