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I had a bunch of awesome dreams last night. Let's see if I can remember them all. I dreamt I was in a movie theater and there were these two really annoying fat bully boys next to me. They were being loud and wouldn't shut up when I asked them to. I almost got up to leave when I realized I was dreaming and I could do anything I wanted to. So when they said nasty things and got loud on me again I pulled out a big knife and rammed it under the chin of one. The blade came out behind his eye and I then twisted the knife to finish the job. I think the other boy ran off at that point when he saw I meant business.

The dream changed a bit then behind me in one of the seats was George. There were these people wearing wings like the old presidents and they kept asking George where he got his hair. He was getting annoying saying he hadn't "gotten" it anywhere. It was his real hair. Later on he went up to give a speech on a podium and mic. He was reading from some book and he was in hybrid form. I was really taken by this and wondered if it was some hell book he was reading from, though I couldn't hear what he was saying. Very out of character for George to give a speech.

Then I was outside on the roof of a building in a city. I knew I could fly so I took off straight up. I love the thrilling experience I get when I fly in a dream. I was still lucid and made myself go higher. But what was weird about this was that I wasn't flying my normal way. I was doing the Iron Man thing with jets in my feet and hands. WTF? I then flew over to where I worked as a co-worker of mine, some black guy my mind made up, said he wanted to show me his vehicle. Ok sure. There was a big tent and I landed on it. I was guessing there was a jeep under there so I pulled back the fabric and hopped down. To my surprise it was a purple Lamborghini. I don't know what kind it was, just that it looked very nice. I was thrilled. He then told me he was going to take me for a drive so I was like "oh yeah!" I was thrilled. I'd never been in a Lambo. I've only seen them from the outside. I pulled out my camera and started filming but there was no memory card. Oh no!! I had to figure out a way to get it to record to internal storage which was limited. I was so mad I didn't film the first part of the drive through a big huge sparkling city. But I loved the ride and was checking out the dashboard and interior of this awesome car.

And that was it. So I had a great night and woke up quite rested and thrilled this morning for so many good dreams. And George is featuring a lot in my dreams lately. I like that.
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