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Jurassic World Evolution

First off Bullet is back in her normal cage and doing "good". I'm keeping an eye on her but I'm still very worried. We all know birds hide illnesses and that they feel bad until they can't fake it anymore.

So I pre-ordered Jurassic World Evolution Deluxe edition a few days ago. I've decided I'm getting both the digital download and the hard copy when it comes out in July. I just couldn't wait til July with the game coming out before the movie. Also it's not fair the disk version doesn't have a deluxe edition. Disk buyers are getting ripped off. The disk should have come out at the same time with a regular and deluxe version too. That's really stupid what they did.

So I am very much enjoying the game. Once you get past the learning curve of how to control the game and where everything is in the menus it is a lot of fun. My first dinosaur was a Struthiomimus. And he almost died because I didn't know I had to feed him. He was starving and Claire got on my case about it. Ooops. So I put a cute little bush in there for him to eat and that fixed the problem. I made more dinos but my strutio died anyway. I don't know why. It bugged me. He had food and water and he didn't have a disease so I don't know what happened. Poor thing. My worst peskiest dino is my ceratosaurus. He keeps escaping and he's eaten a few guests. The good thing is I build his cage next to the security station so as soon as I hear a fence broke the helicopter goes out and tranquilizes him, fence is fixed then he's flown back in. But this is happening way too much. I'm just going to have to rebuild his cage completely. I hate that I'm not allowed to buy better fences yet. They aren't unlocked and I don't know what you have to do to unlock them. I also have goats running around free all over the park because the creatosaur has broken the fence so much all his food has escaped. I think it's funny since the goats don't hurt people no one cares they are free. One of the things you get with this game is extra skins for the vehicles. There's a blue helicopter and a blue "jeep". I didn't care too much at first since the jeeps look terrible but then I found where the other skins where and I was floored. Of course they have the original 1993 jeep we all love. But what really surprised me is the new 2018 JL is in the game. There's a blue one and a red one. But guess what? You have to unlock them. You can't just buy them. I had not idea how you do it so it's the one time I cheated and I went online to look it up. Or you can see the names of the trophies. So for the blue JL I found out you have to do a few fast hand break turns. Super easy. I got that one. I'm loving it. I'm amazed it's a real JL even says Jeep and Rubicon on it. But the 1993 one is very hard because you have to make a jump where you are in the air for 5 total seconds within a 20 second time frame. The trophy for that is appropriately called "Hold on to your butts." It is the hardest vehicle to unlock. I think I have to build a series of hills. One guy on youtube built a small hill and then a big hole but that hasn't worked for it. Ok and my biggest complaint about the game is that you can't stop time. Time should not keep going when I'm reading a mission, making an expedition to a dig site or reading info on dinosaurs and characters. The pause screen stops time but you can't do anything in it game related. I was reading about the character when I got a notification about busted fence. WTF? Why is the park still running? I hate this and that's really not fair and I'm a very slow reader and there's tons of text to read. There is neat history about the dig sites that exist in real life and when they were discovered, by whom and what bones they yielded. When will I get to read about that without stuff happening? Anyway back to the jeeps. I'm very surprised about the JL's and I wonder if the new movie will have a new JL Jeep in it. I have been wondering this ever since I found out about the commercial with Malcolm and the T-rex.

If it's canon in the movie that means it would be real easy to build a new JP jeep by just buying one. Yes I'm considering selling mine. Bad thing is I'm half way done paying mine off and would have to start over again. What to do? What to do? Such hard decisions. I should go test drive one. The fact they made a commercial with Jeff Goldblum and it's in the game makes me think it will be in the movie and that would make it official.

So yes I am having great fun with the game. Some things are vague and I don't know what to do yet. I'm still on the first island. I may scrap my game and just start over since I can fix the beginner mistakes I made the first time around. Yes I will have screen caps and videos soon. I just got to get them off the playstation which takes time.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I LOVE the attention to detail this game has. It really is made for the fans. Not only are the trophies quotes you would get if you're a hardcore fan but even things in the back ground like the music are hints. When you drive the jeeps or you listen to someone's radio they play Mexican music. And they do play the one song called Que Milagro Chaparita. Which was the song playing in the background of the famous "We've got Dodgson here." scene with Dennis Nedry.
Dodgson scene
Que Milagro Chaparita

Another little detail is when you build a gift shop you can sell either Lunch Boxes, Barbasol or night vision goggles. It's that kind of thing true fans love. Malcolm was complaining that Hamond was slapping things on a plastic lunch box and selling them. Yep. Barbasol is a reference to the cryocan which is also so iconic to Jurassic Park. And night vision goggle are also a prop made by fans like the ones Tim had during the T rex attack. They were found in Jurassic World in the ruined visitor center. So yes this kind of detail just makes the game so fun.
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