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Boy I hate being right all the time

Malcolm's favorite Phrase should be my new catch phrase too. "Boy I hate being right all the time." I can relate to that ENTJ on this one. But before we get to the bad news here is a nice photo of Bullet in the brooder I set up for her.

jokerforever I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing a bird in a reptile box with reptile lights. Bullet has a hot day light, a florescent light and a hot night light. Day and florescent light are run at the same time. Night light is run alone at night of course. I can get this brooder to 85 degrees which is not bad, though it's much hotter outside. I had considered putting Bullet outside though at night it's not hot enough so she had to stay here. Anyway no egg was ever laid so I knew something was wrong. If this was a tumor like I thought earlier hot box won't do any good.

So today I went to the vet and this has been the worst vet visit ever. The waiting room was super busy. More than I've seen it before. Dogs going in and out. I couldn't sit by the window because there are always cats in a cage there. Last time one wanted to eat Bullet and Bullet was too big headed to know to be afraid. I ended up with a guy that sat next to me that had the stinkiest dog ever. I was getting sick. I had to put a tissue over my mouth. And he was stroking it making more stink go everywhere. Luckily he finally moved. Then a baby started crying after waiting over an hour from my appointment time. That's typical. I don't understand why doctors being human or animal make you wait crazy amounts of time from when you're supposed to show up. Finally I got my own room. I was happy to talk to the Vet lady. Her and I get along great. But we were both worried when I told her what was going on with Bullet. She went to X-ray her. She came back later and there's no egg. It is a tumor as I feared. Vet Lady was most worried it was blocking her digestion but Bullet poops well and normally. She took a sample and that was good news the poop is healthy. But we don't know what's up with the tumor if it will get worse or what. At the moment it's not life threatening but it looks bad with her poor tail bulging. She told me she could recommend a specialist if I want to try and have it removed so she's going to get me the name but I'm hesitant to do that because budgies are frail little things and surgery is something they don't do well with. The procedure could kill her before the tumor does. These things are common in budgies but Bullet is only the second ever budgie I've had that has had a tumor, and I have been raising birds for 30 years or more now. I think I got my first budgie in 1980. A great track record but not good when it hits a fave bird. But Bullet is acting fairly normal. I was given antibiotics for a secondary infection. She eats well and poops well and flies. So as it stands I don't know if I will lose Bullet or if she could live a rather normal life despite this. I hope it won't affect her organs or her life. Well I am sad about this now and quite founded. My poor Miss Priss.
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