Des (thagirion) wrote,

Been mostly watching stuff

Today is another anniversary. But it's also a work day so we can't do much. We will celebrate later on this year but here's to 22 years and 4 months. The rain finally stopped for a bit the day before yesterday. It was nice to have some sun finally. During our free time Chris and I have been having fun watching dash cam videos of crashes on you tube and videos of people that fight back against criminals and win. But the dash cam videos have mostly been from Russia and those suck and are boring. It's usually the same stuff over and over. Turing from a non turn late and hitting the person in the turn lane. Not using breaks when you know an accident is coming. And hitting on purpose when an accident is coming. We've learned two bad words watching those. It's been hard finding normal ones in America/Canada probably because North Americans just don't use a lot of dash cams. After that annoying frustration I finally had a great idea. "Search for Australian Dash cam". Other than trying to get used to the rules of driving on the left I think we hit gold. There are a decent amount though not listed in compilations for some reason, and they are great. It's funny to me how angry Australians get on the road and there's some messed up stuff that makes for entertaining watching unlike the North American ones. It's just so interesting. So we've been watching those. Some of the best fun we have is trying to figure out who was wrong or what exactly happened.

So we finally had a garage sale yesterday. I've been trying for three weeks but haven't been able to because of the weather. We did ok. Got rid of some things so it was good. But we had a rain storm come and we had to close out an hour early. Darn it. The radar was totally clear that morning. I hope we can try again next week and start to get rid of some of the stuff that was my mother's. Pixar's Coco is on Netflix now so we watched that. It wasn't bad. Not one of the best but different. But I could relate to so much of what happened being that I'm from a Latino family. I might watch it again and look at some of the details of the backgrounds this time. I don't know what the short film was that came with this one because they aren't included on Netflix. I wonder if Pixar will make a DVD release of all the shorts. An updated new one since many have been made since the last compilation of shorts.
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