Des (thagirion) wrote,

Scary Boy Art

New drawing. Just a quick and simple drawing of Fear in time for the end of last month.

I did a very basic shading job, easy background and just didn't go all out on him. Just wanted to get something that looked nice and woudln't take me two days or more to complete.

Now it is June 1st. It's been two straight weeks of rain. At least now it's summer and the official start of Hurricane season, but the weather got a head start on the rain. Well with this project out of the way perhaps I'll get back to working on the driver side door again. That's so close to being finished. Darn it, I see I forgot to make his right wing messy. I draw his wings pristine so I have to remember to mess both up. It's something I have a hard time with haha.

Chris got a new bluray player the other day. We picked one up and didn't notice it was a used one. It had no remote, so we went back and exchanged it and finally got a new one. It looks very nice. It's an LJ and I like that it's basic. The reason it looks so good and was cheap is because it's just a player. It doesn't have netflix, youtube or any of that unnecessary stuff. It's annoying all electronics seem to come with these things whether you want them or not. TV's already do this so no need for more stuff when that and your tablets and other things do it too. A player should play disks only, so yeah we like this. Maybe I'll get one for myself since I've never liked the Sony one I have. I also ordered a bunch of colored HDMI cables. Can't wait to get those in. They'll come in different colors so we'll know what goes to what system.
Tags: drawing, neat stuff, scary fear
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