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Stuff is under way

I have been meaning to share this video for a while now. Google Home added new voices a while back and I was very happy that voice 8 sounds so much like the computer from Jurassic Park.

I bought a dash cam for myself and it arrived the other day. Chris helped me install it in my jeep. Funny because I had bought him the same one and liked it so much I had to get my own. I installed his in his truck. But it's been raining so much I haven't had a chance to go anywhere and really test it out. The rain finally let up for two days after coming down non stop for just over a week. Interesting stuff tends to happen on the roads so I'm sure once I get around to driving again that something is bound to happen.

My projects are all going slowly but surely. I'm getting close to finishing my driver door. I hope this is the last time I make it. I'm really getting sick of how much I've done it and don't really feel like doing the passenger door now. My project with painting the Newman figure into Nedry is going well finally. I had problems with the paints I bought. I've had to redo this figure way too many times. The tutorial I was using was crap and everything in it is wrong. I suspect the guy had it professionally painted now because it looks too good and his past custom projects look like crap. But now I know from now on if I make another one I'll just use spray paints. The problem was with his pants and how long to let them dry. When I added the clear coat it melted the paint and made it wet again. WTF? Also when I would add a new coat it would activate the paint and make it wet again despite having dried for the time it said. And then when it was "dry" and I was holding him my heat melted the paint. I had to sand all the paint off and spray paint finally worked. If I had known all this I would have started with that. But at last he looks good and I may buy another one just to have him look right all around. I have to make some custom decals now because he needs the JP logo on the front and back. Decal paper is expensive though I need to make some drawings to make into stickers to fill the whole sheet. I already know what will be the hardest thing. Cutting the stickers out. Naturally I'm going to draw Fear in some cool poses. I just need to think of what.
Tags: jurassic park
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