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Things are going quite well. I'm very creative right now and enjoying customizing my things. I few days ago I bought some fluorescent yellow and pink paracord rope. I have been making paracord grab handles for my jeep. I learned how to make the knot and am having fun with it. It's an easy knot but it's time consuming. The hardest part is burning the ends so I can stick rope together. I hope to finish my first set today for the diver side roll bar. I don't know if I'll like the way these feel better than the plastic ones I have in there now but they sure do look way better. They didn't have turquoise in Hobby Lobby so I bought these just to practice. I figured I'd be making mistakes and waste lots of cord too so it's a color I don't care if I mess up. They are very pretty though. Once I get some confidence I can then make the colors I want and not worry about wasting them. They are so bright and pretty though. Any florescent combination is good; green, pink, yellow, orange and white. I almost went with orange and pink. It's too bad I can't think of a way to make these for Chris's truck since he doesn't have a roll bar I don't know where I could attach them on his.

Chris took me to the print shop yesterday and I showed them my art for the door. There is a big problem. It's not the right scale and I think it's at the wrong resolution. I didn't measure my door and now thinking back. I think I did measure the hood. The other problem is that when I made the hood art I did it specifically for my hood. This art was made just as a gallery piece so it's the wrong shape and I've really had to work it. So from the start it wasn't measured to be for a tall door. They said they can work with it but at worst I'm really afraid I may have to do the whole thing from scratch. That would suck and that means it's the same problem for the other side too. I don't know I'll email him again. The price I was quoted was what I expected though. I can save up for that no problem. But the work has been the hardest part. I'm not quite sure what the next step will be. I'm kind of getting tired of this and because of this I'm extremely behind on new art.

On the toy front I have ordered a figure of Newman from the show Seinfeld. I've never watched the show. I remember it being on in the 80s but never wanted to watch it. It seemed dumb and boring and back then if it wasn't a cartoon it was hard to get me to watch stuff on TV. Anyway the actor that played Newman also played Dennis Nedry on Jurassic Park and there's never been a decent figure of him. The two that came out were totally wrong and not even fat. The series one looks more like Doc Oc from Spiderman. I call him my Doc Oc figure. But I plan to repaint New Man and turn him into Nedry. That will be a fun project. I'm waiting on the paints to arrive and I also want to make a little diorama with plants and dirt so he will have something nice to stand on. He comes with a nice base but I would like him to have a bit more than that. I also plan to customize a few other figures like Muldoon and make a Mr. Arnold out of a totally different figure. I've been trying to find a decent figure to change into John Hammond. I have wanted a nice Hammond figure since forever. And I have been joking with Chris that they should make an official Donald Genaro figure. His accessory should be a toilet and his arms and legs should come off the way "Nedry's" arms come off so you can re=enact the T-rex scene where he is eaten. I bet that would sell like hot cakes among the fans. Mr. Arnold also needs arm ripping action because the raptors ate him.

I need to get back to working on my small Fear plush too. It's been on hold for month but yesterday Chris got me some fabric I was missing for him, and I've been thinking a lot about him. I want to finish the small travel buddy version and also make a larger version to sit on my bed. In the 90s these soft bean toys made of stretchy soft fabric (not that furry stuff you find in all plushes now) were popular. I'd love to make a soft floppy Fear in that style since he is a cell and would be all loose and soft that way.

Chris has been working on his room. He's added more shelves and it's looking nice in there. We're sorting out things we no longer want to keep and things that are priority to display.
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