Des (thagirion) wrote,

I colored the inside of my jeep

So I think I'm caught up on almost all my youtube videos now. Here are the updates on my jeep. The interior color update is the one I'm very proud of.

And the interior blue color.

It took me a long time to do the trim. A few days because I didn't have the right tools to remove some of the parts. I also forgot about the clear coat which was very important. It looked better without it but felt sticky and delicate. With the clear coat I'm not afraid to touch it.

Bullet has been extremely friendly lately. I'm loving my sweet pet budgie. I don't know what happened to the attitude she used to have. It's still there but she is a middle aged budgie now. She'll be five in Sept. I can't believe that. Does not feel like five years. She has been flying more which is also very strange for me as she never flew around much. But it's good exercise for her. She was too fat before. Today she gave me a kiss. A real one. She reached over to my cheek and made the "chip" sound of a kiss. I was so happy and kissed her back. She gets very hyper when she sees me and runs back and forth in her cage til I let her out.

Today is another monthly anniversary for us. 22 years 3 months. I hope Chris can get out early today so we can do stuff. His TV is finally arriving today so I'm kind of waiting around for that. He's so excited. I know he's been very excited as I was like that too. Oh I don't want to post too many videos in one post so I'll make another one after this for my other major update and why I could relate to him. Since most of my jeep projects are done I hope to work on the door art today. I hope I can make some good progress. It would be nice to finish one already. I'm looking at my own post in the preview. Looks like youtube codes the embed now to add a link so not necessary that I do it manually I guess?
Tags: bullet, jeep
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