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Jeep and Bullet update

Happy May everyone. It's been a while since I posted. Just been busy mostly with Jeep stuff. I ordered a lovely turquoise sunshade from Alien Sunshade a few days ago. I was so excited to get this thing so I could drive around with the top down but not get burned by the sun. They had very good reviews and some youtube videos. But when I got mine it just has not worked out. The shade is a very pretty blue and good quality. But the Bungee cords they give you are not good. The extra long ones just aren't long enough and now that I'm paying attention to the few negative reviews they got I'm having those same issues. Seems it's people with 2016 and up jeeps that have the bungee problem. The back roll bar with the speakers/soundbar and the padding is too wide. The bungees don't go around it. Here is the tutorial video.

In fact when you first see the jeep in that video the sound bar on that version, I bet it's pre 2016 is way thinner for the back bungees. The bungees are nowhere as easy to pull as in this video either. I knew I don't have any strength, I always say I'm Mr. Burns. But Chris couldn't do it either and even if we got someone super strong to do it like our friend Erik I think the bungees would break. Another annoying thing is I don't think you can do this without taking the back off which I have never done and is a big hassle. They say you can do it without taking off the back but that would work if the bungees were longer. They also say you can put the hard top back on by only unlatching the front bungees. That would be awesome and the one concern I had before I bought this. But I don't know if that is the case now that this whole soundbar issue has come up and I'm not sure how to get around it. I don't know where I can find a long bungee that's a loop. I could attach that to the existing ones. I can't use another one they make because of the two balls I really don't want to return it but if I can't use it I need that money back. It wasn't exactly cheap.

The good news is I have been adding other accessories successfully and yesterday I finished a big project I'm very proud of it. I painted the inside trim of my jeep turquoise. It looks beautiful. Yes I will post pics soon. I did the door handles, the air vents, the small speakers on the dashboard, the passenger grab bar, the small dashboard speakers and the big soundbar speakers. Speaking of the grab bar, I don't remember if I said this but my custom bar should be going into production soon. I have been speaking with the artist and we had the stupid problem that he ordered a "teal" plastic from Amazon for his 3d printer. I approved the photos he sent and was very excited about this. But when he got it it was more of a darker green blue. Heavy on the green side. Very disappointing but not his fault. He asked if I wanted to cancel the order. I said no. So I decided to go with white and I will paint it myself. It will match the color I now have in the jeep. I'm loving how this is all looking but I do now have the guilt that I don't have a JP jeep. Especially when my JP mix comes on the stereo.

So I'm very behind on videos. I've got tons of footage of things majorly backed up. I'm trying to catch up. I need to edit and render several toy reviews as well as the jeep and plant stuff I usually post. My Sony Vegas is acting up badly which makes rendering hard. Actually I think my computer is about to die. I need to make another back up soon. I've been having trouble running my programs like photoshop and Vegas Movie Studio. I can't buy new programs because my puter can't handle them and certainly not a game like Universe Sandbox 2. It's another reason stuff has been slow because it takes four times as long to make as it used to. I'm also having issues with my phone transferring videos. I'm worried my phone is starting to have issues and it's not even two years old yet. What happens is when I plug it into the comp with the cable it asks to allow to connect and I do but then disconnects and keeps asking to connect. I know it's my phone because this happened on Chris's computer too. The way around it is to take out the memory card and put it in directly but the problem with that is it's a pain to take my phone apart. It's not a simple camera slot. I need a special pin I must not lose to open the casing.

On the pet front Bullet is doing great. She actually has been flying the past few days. I'm so happy about that. She's started to make a pest of herself a bit by buzzing me haha. Oh I do have a story to share. I keep the clean bird bowls on a metal shelf upside down to dry. Bullet has a little white dish with goldfish on it. It was towards the back. I put a new clean dish in the front and it pushed her dish off. I knew I'd broken it before it even hit the ground. I was very upset because it's an unusual dish with the art also inside the bowl. It did shatter as it's ceramic. They don't make these anymore. No, not Bullet's special dish! I have found most of the pieces and will glue it back together but it will never hold water again. It can be a food bowl from now on. But luckily I found one on Ebay. I bought it and it arrived very fast. I showed it to Bullet and she was so happy. She's had that since she was a young bird so it's part of her childhood.

This one can be used for water but I won't. Compared to the old one this is so bright. I had not idea the water had faded it. The old one has hard water stains too that won't come out. I'm glad this story had a happy ending.

Lastly I'm waiting for something in the mail. It's JP related. I can't wait to get it. Hopefully today.
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