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JP and Fear still

Things have been going well. I've been rather busy. If you didn't see the post I made about the reporter that got scared by the rooster please check it out. It's so darn funny. Want to hear you comments on it.

I'm making progress on my two Fear drawings. I think I'm done with outlining Fear's feet. Next I need to shade and highlight him and hopefully that will be it. So the passenger door might get finished before the driver door at this rate. But just when I think I know what I'm doing this weird indecisiveness hits me. Well something comes up that makes me indecisive. Remember I said I wasn't sure about a Jurassic Park JK and found those photos where the one looked terrible? Well that's because the guy did it wrong and it looked so bad. I found one finally of someone that did it right and the kicker is with half doors it looks really good. I think only from the front it doesn't look good. Well here are the pics.

This one has the original full sized doors which is what I have. Looks pretty good but still eh. But now look at this one.

Wow the half doors make all the difference. I think the front doesn't look good though. The JK is to rounded and fat. But the sides look great.

I had always planned to get the half doors anyway. But until then have to live with the ugly big doors. Until I found this pic.
So paint the sides of the doors black and it looks like half doors. This could work great on the two door I have.

So now I'm back to the same stupid problem I thought I'd finally gotten past. Fear or JP? GAH! Though I'm thinking my Jeep will end up as a hybrid like ACTipton suggested. Go through with Fear both doors and a turquoise color scheme, but have the JP logo on the back tire, T-rex and Raptor on the back side windows and then a bunch of JP quotes on the back window. I'm going to be coloring the trim pieces soon on the inside. And just yesterday I found out there is a guy that does a custom handle bar on the passenger side in any color with any phrase. Definitely will be turquoise but again stupid Fear vs JP dilema. Might have it say Scary Fear or "Hold on to your butts." since it's the "oh shit" bar as they call them. Chris suggested the JP logo on each side of the quote. I'll have to email and talk to the guy and see what he can do. The Fear font may not work because the F in Fear is so darn long. Other Fear things it could say would be "Fear This" or "Driven by Fear". Speaking of that. I have not installed the windshield banner yet because they made it in a stupid way. The sticker is solid all the way. When you put it on it would cover visibility and it's not see through from the inside. I'm going to see if I can cut the letters out somehow but if not then it's a loss and I'll have to wait and have a temporary one made, or hold out until I can get the wrap made as I know they do make transparent stickers. So that's what's been going up with my updates on the jeep.

I went out the other day to the petstore. I was coming back out and a guy comes up to me and goes, "Please can you help me?" It totally took me by surprise as I was day dreaming and it popped my bubble. My first thought was, "Why me? I doubt I could help. I hope it's nothing serious." Well turns out he wanted his battery jumped because his truck wouldn't start. He said he had his own cables. I got annoyed but the begged so I said ok I would help. I had parked far away since I like to park under trees in the shade. As a native Floridian I know the best parking spot isn't the one nearest the store. It's the one in the shade. But when I came over some old lady had pulled into the parking spot I was going to take. He asked her to move and I pulled in finally. Very annoying.

Well I must say I enjoyed this. He loved my Jeep and told me he owns a CJ. I got this pic and then realized how appropriate this was that Fear was giving him electricity. We shook hand and he left. I hope he made it to somewhere he can get a new battery. I also went to Target and picked up the new Jurassic World toys that are out. I got Grant, Muldoon and some small cars and trucks. These are Target exclusives called The Legacy Series which is putting out all the Jurassic Park original stuff. Ellie is the other figure that's out, but they didn't have her at this location.

Yesterday I decided to go out and have some fun. I went to Key Vista Nature Park. I'm rendering a video about that and it should be up soon. I just have to find music that will work with the footage. I had a very nice time. I went during the high tide and did not know it. I've never seen the water that high before. There was almost no beach. The beach is usually wide enough but that day it was like two feet wide. That didn't stop me from getting in there and exploring. I almost had it all to myself which is what I love about this place. There were two osprey pairs nesting. One pair had a nest already. The other must be a new pair because they were trying to build in a tree and doing a terrible job of it. They would bring in huge sticks and drop them. Then the sticks would fall to the ground and they'd look down all confused. I told Chris it will be Christmas by the time they get it right. I have to go back sometime and get videos of this pair. I didn't bring my tripod and my footage came out horrid. I got to see a dolphin coming up the channel. That was so darn cool. I was totally alone and was in a forest with a salt water inlet and subdivision on the opposite back. So how many places can you say you saw a dolphin while in a forest? Only the Amazon comes to mind. I love Florida. I love the sound of the blow hole. The first time I heard that was while I was kayaking and a dolphin surfaced near me. I guess cause I've only ever heard it on documentaries and suddenly you find out it's real, not just something on TV. Like all things it's just totally different to experience it in real life. No film can do it justice.

Here is a view of the beach from the lookout tower. You can see how the tide was up to the steps. Basically no beach. So it was a very nice time for me.

So we've been on the hunt going to different Targets. Chris found Ellie in New Port Richey. Hurray! I will post a pic of my JP Haul soon as well as do a video review on the toys and why I like them so much.

Oh and Happy Earth Day everyone.
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