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My boys in Dragon's Dogma

It's been a rainy last two days, but this particular storm is nice and relaxing. I'm gaming still and wanted to show some of the pics I got the last time I was playing Dragon's Dogma.

George and Schuyler walking past a castle. I was talking with Joker that this is the best George I have made in any game. It's too bad that hats don't work for him. The closest thing to a cowboy hat in this game is a witch hat, but guess what happens? Yep he loses his hair so no hats for George.

Here I've had Schuyler cast his little lightning balls that protect him. I was so happy you can do this in this game because if you remember I had drawn him with some protective orbs in the drawings Welcome to the Terror Sfear.

Here we have Schuyler, Owen and Ophidius. I love in this game you can add heights and they are pretty accurate. They are in cm unfortunately and you can't pick exact measurements there are preset ones. But you try to get close after converting feet. I love it when Schuyler and George stand together. George towers over him and it's a great sense of scale for when I have to draw them.

Schuyler in a battle. I posted this pic because you get to see his feathered cloak that looks like his wings. Too bad this isn't black because for a game from ancient times it looks close to his modern day coat.

I started working on the drawing for my Jeep's door yesterday. Oh man I have so much work to do to get the proportions for it right. The annoying thing is I think I did all the mask layers wrong. I put them on Fear when I should have put them on his wings. I hate to say this but I think I have to redo it yet again. I'm quite sick of drawing this thing over and over already, but I need to have it be perfect. It needs to be print worthy.
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