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So things have been going pretty well. The weather seems to be holding. I've got nearly all the plants outside and don't think I have to bring any in the rest of the year. I hope winter is gone for good and that spring is officially here. I got an order of live gourds the other day. I forgot I have preordered those during the winter. I was very impressed with how the came packaged. I have cleaned off the fence and think I will plant them in large pots so I can still move them if need be until they get big enough to climb and stand on their own. I'm excited about growing plants this year. I really want to build some hoop tunnels in the yard to grow gourds and tomatoes over. My amorphs are starting to come up. I need to buy new soil and pot them up. I think this year I'll grow them all in the patio so they won't get lost, fall over too much and I can hopefully keep them labled. Because I did lousy with them last year I know for a fact none will flower this year. This year I have to keep a weekly fertilizer schedule with them.

I'm on a Jeep kick again too. I want to save up and buy some nice accessories for it. I got a new cover for it that I really like. It's to keep the sun off the paint job. Clean out of the garage is coming along slowly but surely. Hopefully we can get one of the vehicles in there in a month or two. It's supposed to be a two car garage but even if everything were taken out I don't think two cars can fit in there. Not our two cars anyway because they are so big. Especially Bruce, Chris's tuck. But anyway back to accessories. I'm thinking of painting some of the trim inside turquoise. The trim is silver which is nice but I now think a whole blue trim would look pretty cool. The hardest thing will be removing the AC vents. They are fragile and I need to be careful not to break them. One annoying thing about the cover. I have to take the antenna off and it's much harder than it should be. I have to use players to unscrew it. It doesn't just unscrew. I don't know why. This should be something simple but it's a chore for me to get the antenna off each time. I have ordered a cheap stubby antenna for now. I don't use radio anyway so I won't be losing anything. I always run my usb mp3's. This way I can leave an anntena on and the cover shouldn't be an issue. Most people don't like the long factory antenna. I don't know why. I love it. I won't change it once I no longer need to use the cover.

My time lapse experiment with my nepenthes was a bust. I made a bunch of beginner mistakes and though I still rendered a video it's not upload worthy. Six days of filming. Well I will try again. I need to pick a nice plant to film. I don't know why one yet. Preferably one that grows relatively fast. I don't want to do one that everyone's done already. That would be N. sanguinea or N x miranda/maxima. Sanguinea is what I do have though that's probably my most prolific pitcher maker right now. I really wanted to show my lovely hybird truncata x inermis. It has two new pitchers coming in but I think it will take weeks for them to form and fully open. The biggest issue was the battery dying. I don't know why when I had it plugged in. The battery should not even be an issue. I didn't want to move the camera tall for the whole take. I downloaded the app to my tablet so I wouldn't have to touch the camera and move it on accident from turning it on and off. But even that is glitchy and it keeps wanting me to update my camera. Hell no. I wish the new Gopros came with remotes like the old ones did. Screw apps. I even hate that word. They aren't apps they're programs. And games aren't apps they're games. PS4 should ask me if I want to turn my GAME off.

Here is a pic of my truncata x inermis pitcher. It turned out nice. My first big bell shaped pitcher. It's about four inches tall.

And here are my Pluto and Venus globes. Hopefully I can get back into collecting these again as well.

I have one more Saint's Row 4 video to share. Check out Mr. Scary as the President of the US.

I love the part when the alien said this was no place for Fear. That just worked in too perfectly. That anti air canon in red white and blue was awesome. I loved how beautiful it looked and the awesome transforming eagle seat. That was my fave part of that mission. I also enjoyed watching Fear get his butt kicked. I hate quick time events though especially in the cinemas. There should not be any in the cinemas because that's the point when I have put my controller down and I'm trying ot enjoy a mini movie and not participating in a game. I didn't do so well in the game because that was my first time and I was getting used to the controls. I'm much further along now, as you saw in the previous video, and much better with the controls. Though sometimes it's funny and annoying that I'm used to another game's control. I don't know why one. I think it's Fall out and I keep thinking weapon select is L1 but in this game it's circle. So I hit L1 and run or fly giving away my position and messing up a target I had perfectly aligned. I need to stop doing that haha.

Lastly I can't wait for Jurassic World Evolution to come out. I thought something was odd when on youtube they are saying to preorder now but there's nothing on Amazon or Game Stop. The only place to preorder is on the developer site and it's in British pounds. This made me worried the game was a download only. I like having a physical disky to add to my collection on the wall. I like going into a store and picking up a real game that I pre-ordered. There's hardly any info on the game that isn't directly from the developers but Chris finally found some answers. I was right. The game comes out June 12 as a download only. There will be a physical copy released to stores July 3rd. Why so far apart from the first release? So now here's my new concern. If you preorder the deluxe edition that comes with extra dinosaurs will there be a deluxe for the disk version? I worry there won't. I just want to pre order a disk now from Amazon, Best Buy or Game Stop. Why is this such a hard thing? So for now I'm still waiting to hear more on the subject. I have a feeling this game will be good. It better not let me down. From what I have seen it looks amazing.
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