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Scary Fear in SR4

I finally get to show a little bit of this guy here. So I'm fully into the game Saint's Row 4 now as Scary Fear. Here are a few screen caps of him.

For being a game about creating humans I love how he turned out. I love his off black skin tone, his pointy face and white glowing eyes. I love this particular screen shot because he looks so much like my icon from Conspiracy. I'm impressed.

Even the hair is something I'm pleased with. I flattened his head as much as I could as Fear has no cranium. His eyes are his head. The blue hair is nice as he has one blue hair and the red bandana is like his one red hair. Too bad there wasn't a purple one and he'd have all three colors but I'm very pleased with this representing his dendrites.

Here he is with his final outfit. I'm very happy with this outfit. It's almost right for how I draw him. He'd be 90% perfect if he had wings.

And the closest I could make a cloak for him. It looks pretty cool too like in my story.

Here he is coming in for a landing. This game is fun as Fear for me because he glides, super jumps, and has elemental powers. I haven't unlocked all the elements yet but this early in the game I'm quite happy with him just flying. I don't like that he turns white like this when he flies. I don't know why. I hate that. I also don't like that it's constantly night and jittery because it's a simulation.

The story is that you've saved America and become President of the US. And once the country is running so well aliens invade and destroy everything. You're captured and put into a simulation and the game basically is a giant Matrix parody which is great. There are also a lot of Mass Effect and Doom references and parodies in this which makes it nice.

You can change your character at any time. I tried my hand at making George.

Not bad. I didn't do my best because I wasn't feeling well. The outfit and the guns in this are great for him, but I just can't play the game as him because of the flying. George can't fly and hates flying. Although if I kept him to jumping he reminds me of Jeepers Creepers which is cool. But not. I will play as Fear.

And this game has the fatal hat glitch that all games have. WHY can't anyone make a game that when you put a hat on you don't lose your hair? If you have long hair and you put a hat on it should stick out the bottom of the hat. That's not hard. Why don't programmers do this? I can't stand this though that hat is perfect shape wise. Sigh. He ends up with a short pony tail which I hate. So I'd rather have no hat than no hair.

So I'm sticking with Fear because he fits into the mythos of the game so well. His voice is really good too. You get a choice of 3 male voices and you can mess with the pitch of them. I gave him a + 20 pitch and it's quite close to how I imagine him talking. Here's a short video with some of my commentary of him flying around. I hope you guys can hear me. I had a cheap earbud with mic to record this.

Please comment. I'd love to hear what you guys think.

Tags: saints row 4, scary fear
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