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30 March 2018 @ 07:32 pm
Is this the nail in the coffin?  
This is about the JP vs Fear wrap I hope to do this year. I found this site that shows a JK, a 2016 (same year as mine) wrapped in the JP colors. Here is the link.


I have a very hard time imagining things and I've been looking and looking to see if anyone had done a JK in this style. I was hesitant to lay down a large amount of money for a wrap that when done I might not like. And I don't like this. I wish he hadn't done the hard top. The original jeep had a tan top and was soft top. That's all they had back then. I'd leave mine black. Funny enough I don't know how to photo manipulate stuff so I could paint that black so I can sort of imagine what mine would look like. The other problem is the huge door. The original jeep had half doors. You can get half doors for a JK. In fact it's an expense I planned to make for the dry season when I can drive around and not worry about rain. So I still have to imagine it with no top and half doors which I can't quite imagine. Seriously I have like no visualization. I'm starting to think this is a bad idea now. It's the wrong model of Jeep. I wish I could get a hold of a YJ but I've gone down that road already of the huge risk of buying an old 90s used car and that they're not reliable as a daily driver which is what I need. If anything I'd have to find an already built YJ as a Jurassic Vehicle and buy that. I'm not a mechanic nor do I care to be fixing my car all the time myself. I want a JP vehicle that works. And then there is the other problem. 90's tech. It was top of the line at the time but I need my GPS and USB mp3 player with hundreds of songs. I can't g back to cassettes. I don't think these jeeps even had CD players. I'm sure Hammond would have spared no expense on that but the park workers having CD players was probably not on the list of things to buy. I also love my digital display speedometer. If I got a hold of a jeep in great condition I'd probably only use it occasionally for fun. Yeah it just doesn't seem like it's working out now. I'd love to see a JK with half doors and soft top/top down so I could know exactly what it looks like.

Well I feel like the decision has been made for me now. It looks like Fear will win as far as taking over my jeep. But I have one final obstacle to over come. What do I do with the passenger door? BTW I bought these awesome raptor eye valve caps for my tires. They work great for either theme because they are creepy eyeballs on my tires haha. I must say I am loving the idea of blue and black and getting my pretty blue seats, blue handles and a few other blue accents. YAY. I'm not calling it official just yet but it sure is leaning towards Fear being what I'll do.
Calzephyrcalzephyr77 on March 31st, 2018 12:05 am (UTC)
It's so neat that people make JP wraps for their Jeeps...I wish I could say that I had seen one driving around town :-) Maybe with the comic expo coming soon, my wish will come true!
Des: Jurassic Parkthagirion on March 31st, 2018 02:32 am (UTC)
I think it's great too. There are several around the country. There's even a JP Jeep club about it. But most are in California unfortunately.