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Not much going on today. I'm trying to learn to use the time lapse features on my gopro. I've got a very cool pitcher coming in I'd love to film. There are two ways to do it. The old photo way or the video way. I'm going the video way because it will be easier hopefully. I have an empty 32 gig card a direct connection so I'm not relying on the battery. I'll only film during the day. Not sure how many days this will take but seems like the pitcher is growing very fast so perhaps a few days should be it.

Today I worked a bit on my drawing of Thag. I hate working with him. I'm doing his wings first then I'll do him. I foresee this drawing taking a very long time to make because I'm never motivated when coloring Thagirion. You guys know I'm a fan of Mova Globes. They do have a section for custom globes. And you all know how I am about customization and putting my own spin on things. I have considered how to make a Fear globe ever since I discovered what these things were. But like with all things Fear lately I have no idea what pose to draw him in and what to have him doing. This also becomes extremely difficult because it's super hard to make a flat image into a sphere. I've seen globe makers cutting parts of the globe into these little skinny ellipses. I'm not sure how I'd go about drawing this. And then of course it's super expensive to get a one of a kind. About what it costs for a cruise in the Caribbean for two. I'm just thinking ahead though. I always keep my options open for these things. No way I could afford something that high at the moment but in the future yes very possible as life is just a big Sine wave of events. Which brings me back to my other Fear project. I realized the other day it's actually way more likely I could do my Jeep as Jurassic Park than Fear because I have no idea yet for the passenger door. If I do one door I have to do the other at the same time. I don't want a lop sided jeep. I'm so back and forth on this. I know I had considered Phobophile for the passenger door but I need to fix that up still. Major changes include the shape of his eyes being wrong. I think I can still make him look happy and proud but with his wider eyes. But I'd rather have a whole new drawing like the one I made for the hood. I just am not getting any ideas.

And Speaking of Fear, I made Scary Fear in Chris's Saint's Row 4 game. He's not bad for being a human. What is great is that there is black skin in this game, I can make his nose almost raven shape, nearly lose the chin and there are solid white eyes. His outfit is also acceptable. And Chris unlocked many powers for him including gliding and electricity which makes me very happy. I should start my own game though we only have one Xbox and I'd rather have my own to play in my room instead of his game room. Also I hate the capture system on the xbox so no pics of him yet. Better yet the game might be better on PS4. It has one majorly stupid glitch. There are four slots to save custom characters after you make them in the surgery place. I had made Skyler too. I actually made him first but when you save all the features set to default except the hair and clothes you picked. I noticed as soon as I walked out Schuyler didn't look right. What a fatal flaw for the save feature. So so long as you don't save the character he stays right. Luckily I had taken cellphone photos of Fear's sliders and just made him. But Schuyler got lost which sucks. That put me off of the game for a while. But I'm wondering if the PS4 version can save properly. Well I watched Chris play one of the downloads which was about Christmas. I really enjoyed it. And lastly in our gaming news. Chris finally unlocked the final technician in Sky Force Reloaded PS4. We've been playing tournament and helping each other get points by just letting each other win and taking turns. Chris was closer as far as points so we let him win though the tournament makes no sense as sometimes characters with least points would win. WTF? And it's only on weekends so once a week. We were so excited and though it would be so great to get the last guy and all it was was a guy that increases your score. Totally worthless. After all those hours it should have been something amazing like an invincible ship that comes out to help you. Total let down. Our two fave technicians are Burton Panic and Holo Granny. Holo granny casts a decoy that enemies shoot taking the pressure off of you. Burton Panic sets off one of the three power ups you have at random times like shields, lasers or megabomb. He's our fave and most helpful one too. We shortened his name to Burt which sounds like Bert. So we keep saying "Hey Bert." in Earnie's voice like when Earnie would wake up Bert at night to ask if he's sleeping.
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