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Far future travel plans

Well I'm not doing well today. I either ate something bad or I had relapse. Last night was painful and I had to take some of my medication for pain which I haven't used in a long time. Chris was wonderful through this as always. Hopefully this is nothing serious and it passes.

I'm enjoying my new Venus globe. It's in my room gently rotating. Ok so the subject of this post is travel plans and I do have a lot of things I want to do. Kabuldur's budgie post got me thinking about Australia and how I've always wanted to go. There will be a total Solar Eclipse there April 2023. This is the site I've been using to find eclipses.

So I want to go there to see this eclipse. I think it will be very hard to get there and will probably need a travel agent to help me figure it out. It's on the west coast only on a tiny peninsula. The nearest town looks like Exmouth. I'm sure I have to take a plne to Sydney and then another to Perth as I don't think planes fly from the US to Perth. Then I have to rent a car and learn to drive on the left side. It sounds hard and overwhelming but I really want to do this. I know Australia as a continent is the size if not bigger than the US. So it will still be a crazy drive to Exmouth from Perth. I should stay a day in Sydney too to see the sights. Opera house is a must and the othere thing I'd like to do there is walk on top of the bridge. There is a tour there when they tie you in a harness and you walk over it. And there's some kind of tower that the floor is made of glass and is supposed to be scary haha. I want to do it. I may have to make two trips. I hope I can. I've found most countries take two visits from me to see everything I want. I've been to St. Maarten three times now and can basically cross it off as there's only one fort I haven't seen. But anyway the other must do of Australia for me is seeing wild budgies. I'm still researching that. The flocks happen in the summer which over there is Dec - Feb. But that makes me wonder where are the budgies the rest of the year? Maybe they say see them in winter at watering holes because that's when they swarm. I mean they have to live there year round. Where else would they go? So with fewer at other times they'd be hard to spot. So with the Eclipse in April it's the wrong time. I'd definitely have to come back another time just to do budgies and the desert. Another town I thought to stay at was Carnavaron. But that seems like still a long drive to the peninsula. Well I have several years to figure it out.

Speaking of astronomical events. This month has a blue moon. That is two full moons in the same month. So March 31 is the blue moon.
I worked a bit on my Fear touch up art yesterday but his stupid wings are giving me a hard time. This will be harder than usual to get it to look right. I've all these layers that are messing everything up. But I wont work on it today since I'm not well.

Happy ST Patrick's day to everyone.
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