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Another Dream of Fear

I woke up happy again today for my second Fear dream. This one was not as good as the last one but still good. I dreamt I was back at work at the science museum. There was a band there and we were trying to get people to sign a petition to reinstate Pluto as a Planet with this fund raiser concert. I came on the stage while they were singing the song Wild Child and I was Fear. I grabbed one of the mics and started singing. The band was surprised but since I did it so well they soon liked it. The lead singer and I were trading lines back and forth. I remember thinking to myself that I couldn't believe I hadn't been kicked off the stage. Also that I knew the lyrics. I was figuring them out based on what rhymed. I just remember the thrill of being in front of a crowd and being part of a whole making awesome music. It was great. Here's the song for those of you that want to hear it. It's a metal band with an 80s fee. Wild Lixx.

Speaking of songs I had something hilarious and mind blowing happen to me today. Chris and I went to eat at First Watch. We were talking about Australia for some reason and I told him about a video I watched that they have this jelly spread that goes on bread called Vegemite. They say if you're not an Australian you'll hate it. Not for foreigners. I had found a video of this couple that tried it and the husband nearly lost it. It was so funny. Chris didn't know it was a real thing. He said he thought it was something made up in the song Land Down Under where they mention "A vegemite sandwich." Ok it was at this point I had my mind blown. WHAT? I have known that song forever. It came out in 1981. I thought he was saying, "I betcha' my sandwich" Here are the real lyrics

"I said do you speaka my language
And he just smiled
And gave me a vegemite sandwich"

My version

"I said do you speaka my language
And he just smiled
And said I betcha' my sandwich"

Which makes total sense. For 36 years that's what I was sure it was. So at breakfast I could not stop laughing about this. It's almost as shocking to me as pluto getting demoted. I must have laughed for 10 minutes straight over this. Chris was so amused. I was so tired though after that laughing fit. Rarely do I laugh that much but I bet there are a bunch of lyrics in this song that I don't know as half of it I never did understand but never questioned it. It's a great song. Here's that song.

I finally got my Pluto globe today but man did I have a scare. The tracking said it was on my door step but there was nothing there. I was worried it had been stolen. I called UPS and told them about it and they told me they'd get back to me. A while later there's a knock at our door and the UPS guy had our package. He said he accidentally had left it at the wrong house. I was so thankful. I'm just glad it wasn't lost forever because these things are expensive. I opened it up and it is a lovely little thing. It had to charge up in the room but now is spinning nicely on my dresser. It came with a scratch but I'm not going to send it back as it's not too bad. It took long enough to get here. I will try to do a nice video review on it soon.

I haven't done any art today. Just been doing other stuff. Don't know if I will tomorrow either. I'm getting ready to go out and try to film the International Space Station. Please pray that there are no clouds and it's perfect weather. I hope this works out. This is going to be way harder than filming the eclipse. It will be over in about a second literally. It's a solar transit so that makes it hard having to have solar paper as a filter again.

I keep forgetting to mention that I'm very proud of our president. And because of his actions things are getting better for us. Our bank gave us a refund check. We also got our mortgage lowered. We make more money now because we pay fewer taxes from the tax cut. We also got a refund from another bank out of nowhere. Thank you bank. I don't care why but that's always a welcome gift. And with all this space stuff I think patriotism is very high right now. At the monster truck show it was great to hear the national anthem at the start though I missed seeing it as I got there late because of traffic. The lady had an awesome operatic voice.

So I don't know when I'll get a chance to work on art. If not tomorrow then perhaps Friday.
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