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Difficult art

I've been working on the update for Conspiracy nearly all day today. I have a major headache from it. It's been a lot of problem solving. I have noticed my art is complex because I have a propensity to draw things both in front and behind each other. The hug drawing from my dream is a good example of this. So on top of having many layers I also have many masks on the layers so I can conceal or show certain parts. Adding his wings has made a huge mess. The secondary feathers are behind his cloak well between the cloak actually. The primaries are in front of the cloak. Then I added a light reflection layer and I had to figure out how to add a mask and how to figure out if the lines for the wings are covered or not. And which layer is causing issues. I can't wait to be done with this but it's looking amazing. And I thought that drawing couldn't get better. Since I'm doing this to potentially be a giant print I'm thinking the ravens might make things too cluttered. I may remove some and all need to be lightened up. They also have to be spread out more. And when I show this to the print guys I know I'm going to have to redo it yet again because I'm going to have to make the space background match the door and the door is wider than this vertical page. Perhaps they can give me the template for a Jeep door. I really do have a headache from this. I've had to stop so I'm typing up this post. But I do like a challenge and I do enjoy this. Oh you guys get a sneak peak. You might have noticed my icon changed and now has a green mouth. It's so much better this way. When he had a blue one you didn't notice and it blended in too much.

I hope I get my Pluto tomorrow. I will do an unboxing and a review. I found this funny but cool song on youtube about Pluto is Still a Planet To Me because yes that's how I feel about it. I don't care what some scientists say. I was taught 9 planets and it will always be that way for me. I won't put the word "dwarf" in front of it. The video is stupid though with guys dancing around like morons. So just open another browser and do something else if that's distracting. The music and the lyrics are good though. I love hearing the scientific terms in it. This should be made into a metal song and it would be loads better.

I love the parts
No longer 1 of 9
In the Keiper Belt you could scream and shout
Rotate and revolve and keep your orbit in lock.

OMG I love that last line. Ha ha.

I forgot I had a third dream too. Last night nothing happened. Too bad I was hoping for another awesome Fear dream. But before the last two I posted I had a dream inspired by my conversation with actipton80. I dreamt I was in bed lying on my back. I woke up and on my right side were three huge owls perched just looking down at me. The middle one was the biggest. They weren't real owls my mind made up species. Non had ears. They were all very round headed like great grey owls. But I was happy they were there and I lifted my left hand and petted the big middle owl. He was sooooo soft and fluffy. And that's all that dream was. Chris said it was creepy. Yeah I guess it would be to most people but like all my "nightmarish" dreams I wasn't scared and enjoyed it very much.
Tags: drawing, dreams, mova globes
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