Des (thagirion) wrote,

Dream of Fear

Most people when they dream of Fear have a very bad night. Not me. This was excellent. Here are some doodles of my fave scenes from that dream. Wings are not anatomically correct because these are just doodles so I won't forget these scenes. Though I love some of these so much that it's tempting to flesh them out properly and color them.

1. This is when I first saw Chris up on the pole. I got very excited. Flew up half way then started to struggle in the dream with gaining altitude. I became lucid and pushed through this problem and made it to the top.

2. At the top of the pole and Chris and I are very happy to see each other. I rushed him in a hug and knocked him off the pole.

3. A close up of the hug. Had to not draw two of their wings or you wouldn't be able to see anything.

4. Over head view shows better what's going on as we rotate and slowly float down over the parking lot.
Tags: drawing, scary fear
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