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First real Fear Dream

I've been having some amazing dreams lately. But last night's was the best. You guys know I have been saying I'm long over due for a Fear dream since I gave him black skin. Well I finally had one. It started off that I was going to a big store like a mall with Chris for some reason. He went inside and I was supposed to drive and park his truck. The reoccuring theme happened that the breaks didn't work. I was in the passenger seat alone for some reason and trying to push the break with my hand. It was hard and would not go in. The truck was driving slowly through the parking lot. I managed to get in the driver seat and put my foot on the break but it would not go all the way in so the truck kept going slowly. I kept pushing and pushing on the break and it became about driving around things and not hitting them because though it was very slow you never stop. I have had this dream so many times always different but always the same theme of breaks not working and going slow or crashing slow. So I avoided other cars and somehow finally managed to get the truck to stop into a parking spot. When I got out I was Scary Fear with my cool black skin, wings and colored hairs. I don't remember if I had my raven feet or boots. I don't remember seeing my feet but I think I did have raven feet. I was worried about being alone in the parking lot and if the truck was ok. I pulled out my cellphone and was texting Chris to come get me. I have no idea how I could do that with my long claws haha but it seemed to work. I love the detail in my dreams as it was my blue cellphone with art of myself since my backgrounds are of Scary Fear. As I walked closer to the store there were some telephone like poles really close to the wall. I looked up and on top of one Chris was there and he too was a Fear like me but he was still purple. I guess the dream did that so we could tell each other apart? I don't know but that was the only difference we looked exactly the same. We were even wearing the same blue outfit. I got SOOOOOOO happy at this point. I opened my wings to join him and took off straight up. But I lost momentum and hovered about half way up the pole. Oh no! I didn't want to get stuck here. I've had those recurring themes too about losing altitude and not being able to gain it. I knew this was a dream at this point and in my mind said NO I will not let this stop me. I have wings. I flapped hard again and looked up at Chris. I got a boost of thrust and made it up to his level. I hovered in front of him for a moment. He was courched down in a cool creepy pose. I lunged at him in a hug knocking him off the post. He put his arms under my wings and I under his and we just hugged and held each other in the air. My gosh it was beautiful and we both slowly spiraled down, wings out to the parking lot below. I could see all the white lines of the empty parking spots and the street lights as this was at night when it happened. Two Fears together male and female. The short bit of flying I did felt wonderful. This whole dream felt wonderful and then I woke up around 5am and recorded this on the voice recorder. I didn't mean to wake Chris up but no choice since I had to talk and my phone was lighting up the room with white light. But we've talked about this. He told me to do this and I have missed dreams before because I didn't want to wake him and I thought I'd remember but don't the next morning. This was so special I had to do that for the first time. Then I hugged him in real life for a long time. He was so happy for me because I have been trying to have a dream like this every night for months. Before we go to sleep he always asks me, "What do you want to dream about tonight?" And I always say, "I want to fly as Fear." I had no idea it would be this cool though. I thought I'd just be flying through pretty landscapes like in my art when I finally succeeded. I must draw these scenes even if they are just doodles. Dreams do weird things that make no sense. In my real universe there aren't many entities of Fear and this dream changes nothing. There is only one, the Ancient Scary Fear that affects all throughout the cosmos. But I liked the dream very much as it showed so many of my loves.

And that's not the only dream I had last night. I'm dreamt I was back in my house in El Salvador. This is another reoccuring theme about the small house being way bigger and having a secret area that's huge. So I went to this house and was so happy to be there. And I went to the backyard and yes the house extended and there was way more stuff. More rooms, more people. There were redwinged blackbirds in a cage, a holding area for homing pigeons, and pets and livestock everywhere. Everyone knew me and greeted me when I went by. Then I went out further going through the tropical trees. It was a beautiful day. I could see the beach and the ocean. Now in real life this house was inland. Nowhere near the ocean. But when I got there it was strange because there was very little beach. In the distance I could see a tall rock island and I loved how it looked and wondered how I could get there. But why was the beach so small? I figured the tide was coming in and it was the waves were getting bigger and closer. Too much I ran back up. There was a security guide and I asked him about the tide coming in. He got worried and said that wasn't the tide. OK time to start running I figured. Then I ended up in an amusement park and had to find my way back. This amusement park featured in another dream I had before of this same house and I had to go through it to get to the beach. And another time I dreamt about this house I think I logged it here but there was an enclosed front patio with green plastic that let sun in and there were beautiful nepenthes hanging everywhere.

So yeah I woke up feeling like a million bucks today. Now I want to share a video I found since St. Patrick's Day is coming up next month. It's about a very cool parade in Boston.

I think it's great this Ghostbusters club put on this parade and that people were dressed as Star Wars. It was just fun I can tell. So many American flags at this thing.
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