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I'm doing a lot better now but still wake up with a sore throat every morning. But things are going great. I'm quite excited about many things going on. A few days ago Space X launched the Falcon Heavy rocket here. I can't believe I missed it. It is visible from Tampa and I was out and about that day. But I did see it on youtube and it's very exciting that I felt like I was there. Florida is known for exploration and its space coast. I've always wanted to go see a launch in person. I have seen several space shuttles take off but not from the East Coast. I plan to rectify that this year. So next launch I hope to go to Titusville and watch a rocket take off.

Chris and I celebrated Valentine's on the 13th. Turns out he had to work on his usual Weds so that screwed this up for having Valentine's off. But we went out and he bought me a tripod for Valentine's day. I love it and I needed it. Well I still have to learn how to work it. One reason I asked for that was because I found out the International Space Station will pass over us next week and do a solar transit. I wish it were a lunar transit but it's a solar one. I can't believe I have to find my filter paper from the eclipse. I never thought I'd be doing that again but I hope that I can film it going across the sun. Please pray that there will be no clouds and perfect weather for me on the 22nd. My gosh I feel like it's the eclipse all over again. I'll take all my sun blocking clothes with me too and set up in the parking lot of a local church. It's right in the path of the center line. I wonder if I'll be the only one there or if others will set up too. I don't think anyone knows about this and I'll probably get people asking me what I'm doing. So I am very much on a space kick lately. I have been learning about the CEO of Space X Elon Musk and really starting to like him and look up to him. I respect people in power like him that have worked their way to the top and are innovative leaders. He also owns Tesla which is why he was able to launch a Tesla roadster into space with a dummy spaceman driving it. I have no idea what the point of that is, totally pointless, but it's so awesome. There is an awesome car flying through space right now with beautiful footage of the earth. Just that alone got me all excited. The other amazing thing is that this rocket has reusable boosters that land back on earth. I never understood why they couldn't do this in the past. It was such a waste of resources and money to let them burn up and fall into the ocean. We're getting that much closer to living in the age of Star Trek. It is so amazing and exciting for me.

AND while look up all this stuff I found out about these amazing globes of the planets that spin by solar power. They are inside a glass shell suspended in liquid of some kind. So that and the earth's magnetic field helps them turn. They are so cool. I have ordered one and can't wait to get it. I have ordered Pluto. Here is a video of it.

I hope to get back out to the lake where all the white pelicans were too. Would be a great place to use the tripod and get photos and videos. I'm so behind on videos. I need to make the one of the monster trucks and of the pelicans.

Lastly I'm working on art again. I'm reworking and updating Conspiracy as it's possible I may use that for my driver side door of my Jeep. I'd like to come up with all new art actually but that is probably my best drawing of Fear. With Fear's art it's constantly improving and updating it seems.
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