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Funny Transformer dream

Well I haven't posted much because despite having some good days they've mostly been gaming so not much to tell. And they are airplane shooter games so no funny random stuff happens like in sandbox games. But Chris and I have been having a blast helping each other with Skyforce reloaded. I'll get to that in a bit. I want to log a dream I had yesterday that was too funny. It was inspired by the game because the final boss looks like Megatron from Transformers. I only care about Gen 1 because that's the show I grew up with and the only real one to me. So final boss looks like him and from fighting him so much I dreamt about Megatron and transformers.

I dreamt that Megatron got sick of Starscream always trying to over throw him. So he just told him he could have it. He could be leader because Megatron had been leader long enough. Starscream and the rest couldn't believe it. In fact Starscream got so happy about it that he died. Right there and then. My mind said it was a heart attack and I instantly wondered what is the equivalent a robot heart attack? Central processor shut down? Anyway that's what happened to him. I bet Megatron had wish he'd thought of this earlier. Well once that happened everyone was impressed. So much so some of the autobots like Bumblebee and Ironhide switched sides and joined the Decepticons. Then Optiums Prim showed up asking what the heck was going on. And Megatron shot him in the hand with his laser and melted his hand off. I was laughing so hard at this point. To me this dream was a comedy. It had so much sensless violence. I loved it. Another part of the dream had to do with a hyacinth macaw that was on the ground. He walked between my legs. I wanted to pick him up but was a bit afraid because he had a huge beak. He was bigger and chunkier than a real macaw so I should have been clued in that this was a dream. I totally missed that dream sign. Then I spent the rest of the dream looking for this macaw that vanished. I hate it when my dreams take this turn as it becomes the pointless wasted time and it happens to me too much where I focus on one detail for the rest of the night. So the Transformers part was the best part of the dream.

So back to Sky Force. One thing Chris and I could not figure out how to do was beat each other in tournament. Well you can't play two player in tournament like you can the rest of the game. It made no sense to me. I figured to beat each other in this kind of game it meant who had the most points, who picks up the most stars, who rescues the most humans etc. But no nothing like that. You just enter the level and play by yourself. The level repeats and gets harder and harder so it's like a Groundhog Day level. Screw that so I just helped Chris get the medals on his two accounts which was enter the tournament 100 times. So I got the weakest plane and just crashed as soon as it started over and over. I did it 300 times. His two accounts and mine. Well turns out the tournament ends at the start of Tuesdays. And it takes three people to get the other badge. Suddenly Chris got it because he "beat" me. WTF? So to get it you have to enter, it depends on who gets the highest score and you find out who "wins" after three days. That's so stupid. Since Chris's main account is the only one that played the level normal he got the most points from me doing the enter 100 times thing. The bad thing is you need to win 5 times so for us to get this badge it will take months since you can only win once a week. This will be the hardest badge to get only because it takes so long.

Yesterday we went to a park because I read somewhere that it's a place where white pelicans sometimes come. I want to see some this year and get good pics for once. No luck with that but it sure was a bird day. We saw glossy ibis at the dump, sandhill cranes and killdeer in huge flocks. At this park we saw lots of normal white ibis and other waterbirds. It's winter so we've got all the migratory birds down. I hope I can find those pelicans. I may have to go to Sarasota for that and go back to Leffis Key. I need to get out and drive more. I live in a beautiful state with so much wildlife. I need to get over the driving thing and just go. Well I am making a long drive today. I'm nervous as always but it's a one day thing so hope it turns out well.
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