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18 January 2018 @ 06:48 pm
Great few days  
Ok so I have been having a very nice time. I've been wanting to talk about last Sunday but I have either been busy or cold. When I'm cold I don't want to do anything. Sunday was a great day and when I think about what I will write for the end of this year as far as first time doing something I've already done two things I have never ever done before. First was pulled a small trailer. Not a big deal lots of people pull stuff behind their cars but it's my first time and I made mistakes but also feel I did very well for my first time as far as backing up goes. Chris and I got rid of a good amount of yard debris, leaves and branches doing this and I look forward to more. Our friend Mike like us borrow his and then he invited us over to his house later that day. He has a lot of land and one of the cool things was that he owns a cow and a bull. I got to feed and pet the bull. It was something I never thought I'd do as I know to keep my distance from bulls but he told me it was nice and they'd raised him from a baby. So I fed him some dried berries in a bucket and touched him. That was pretty cool I must say. After that we shot targets with his son and a neighbor friend that came over. We had some nice conversations and they all liked my jeep. They encouraged me to keep going with the Fear theme or something I had not even considered. Do both JP and Fear. Why didn't I think of that. Though I'm unsure how I would do that as Fear is a blue theme and Jurassic Park is a red theme and adding red to the Jeep would not look right. But I now have a third option.

Chris and I have been playing Sky Force Reloaded on PS4 and having a blast with that. It's a air plane shooter game and I like that it's like an old style game where I can join in on controller two in the same room on the same tv. None of this multiplayer BS where you need your own console and TV. Because of that we've been having a lot of fun with it. I may likely buy this game for my own ps4 eventually.

Then on Wednesday we went out to this orchid nursery. It was really nice and something different to do. I enjoyed talking to the owner. I'd love to have a huge greenhouse like that. But it was the day before the frost so he was getting his plants inside too and covering the ones that can't come in. After that we checked out a new hydroponics store. It was ok. It didn't have the right supplies I needed but neat to see. We ate at Longhorn which we haven't done in a while. I had the Big Sky Burger and oh my gosh that was divine. I have not had a burger that delicious in forever. It was amazing and I rarely ever get that excited about food. I'll have to get another one sometime. The parmesan fries were awesome too.

Chris filled the birdbath last night because we were going to drop to 26 for our low. This morning it was frozen but the neat thing is because there is an island in it when it melts a bit you can pull out this huge ice donut. I took some pics. It was so funny. I will have to post those eventually.
jokerforeverjokerforever on January 19th, 2018 04:28 am (UTC)
Glad you had a great time these past few days before the frost, sounds like you got quite a bit of work done before all the fun could begin. I've fed horses before but never a bull so that's pretty neat that you hand fed one and pet it. I'm glad Mike and his friend like your jeep, a Fear and JP combo does sounds interesting though I wonder how that would work. I can see the Jurassic park exterior and a Scary Fear interior though then again I'm not too familiar with interior car designing.

Nice that you have another game to have a blast with, I'm not much in to air plane shooters though I'm glad you like this one. The Sky Burger sounds heavenly, I've been looking up decent burger places and now I'll have to see if there's a longhorn steakhouse nearby.
Desthagirion on January 19th, 2018 12:43 pm (UTC)
I'm always so happy when work gets accomplished. That's my J nature for sure. We still have a long way to go. And I can do some of it on my own. It will just have to be after this cold weather goes away.

I had not considered combining them. It is now a possibility though I'm still not visualizing it well. The only major interior change I want to make is get leather seats and I want them in black with a blue stripe down the middle. So again Fear colors. I have the JP mirror tag. We'll see there's still time to figure this out.

I've never been good at them. But this one for some reason is fun and easier for me. I can actually keep up though I'm not so good at it as Chris is. It's one where you fly up the screen and it scrolls.

If you can find a Longhorn you should. I think you will like this burger. Oh it was awesome.
actipton80actipton80 on January 22nd, 2018 10:59 pm (UTC)
Cattle scare me a little bit, but I've always been curious about what their fur feels like. I've petted cows before, but it's been a long time. There was a black Angus steer at the Indiana State Fair that looked so soft, but I didn't get to pet it.

That's good you found a game you can both play on the same TV at the same time. That's how multiplayer should be, not that BS where you have to buy two of everything.
Desthagirion on January 24th, 2018 01:08 pm (UTC)
Me too. Even though Mike said he was friendly I was a bit unsure. I can't read big mammals like cows and horses like I can read birds. This bull had rough coarse fur. I don't think there are any soft silky cattle out there that would feel like a soft cat.

Yes I'm so glad. I hate they even call it multiplayer. It's a two player game in the same room. Yeah it does suck we've had to buy two of everything thanks to what modern gaming is like now.