Des (thagirion) wrote,

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. I had a very nice one. Chris and I celebrated yesterday at his parents. We had a nice time and I helped my mother inlaw set up her google home mini. That was a lot of fun and I showed her some fun things to do like find out what Santa is doing. I got gift cards to Amazon, Ebay and other places. I'll be using them to get some more nepenthes for sure. I just need to figure out what is the best way to go about spending them. I always enjoy the strategy of prioritizing what I want vs what I have. There's not going to be much of a haul pic this year because everything I asked for was digital and the stuff that I am getting will be slowly trickling in through the mail over the next few days. Poor Chris is still not well. I hope he gets over the mild cold or whatever it is soon. I've still got pain in my shoulder from a muscle I pulled. I think that's what happened. As far as art goes not much happening at the moment. Still reworking older pieces but I'm thinking of working on Triangulum Resistance again. I love that story.
Tags: christmas
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