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23 December 2017 @ 07:04 pm
I've sent out all the Christmas cards now. ACTipton I got your card in the mail today. Thank you. I liked it. I showed it to Bullet and she actually looked at it and was curious. The drawing was so cute.
I got three of my plant orders today. One was two days late. I was going crazy waiting for the mail to arrive which was also two hours late on top of that. This is one of the plants I got today.

This is N. truncata x inermis. It's one of the ones I got as a gift from Chris. I also got N. truncata x spectabilis (Titanic Savior), N. raffelesiana, N. bicalcarata red, N Lady Luck. The raff is in kind of bad shape though so I need to keep it under lights and warm. I hope it will recover. It looks like it was taken out of tissue culture too soon. I've got some orders that are still coming in and some that one of the sellers messed up and still hasn't sent. I'm still trying to sort out that mess before I place another order with him. I'm not too upset. It's one of the worst times of year to put orders in since no one's working and the mail is backed up and slow. I'm thrilled because last night Native Exotics put up new plants for sale and I managed to get a truncata alba that I had missed out at from another seller. Finally. I can't wait to get it but I don't think it will ship until the new year because of priority mail being backed up right now. The adult looks like this.
So cool it's all light green. No other colors. Mine's a baby so it won't be this spectacular for several years unfortunately. But that will make my 5th truncata. They grow so well for me. I wish I had 5 merrillianas though.

I'm very much in a Christmas mood. I'm quite happy. I can't wait to give Chris his gift. Even though I ordered this other gifts early they're still going to be late. One's coming from China. That always takes way longer than it should.
actipton80actipton80 on December 24th, 2017 01:08 am (UTC)
That's good you got my card. I'm glad Bullet liked my drawing. I had fun drawing all those toys around her.

That pitcher is cute. It has little fuzzes on it.
Desthagirion on December 24th, 2017 02:03 am (UTC)
Yes she liked it. I loved all the little details on it.

Oh you mean the wings. I hope this will become a huge bell shaped pitcher in the future.

BTW I still want your mom's cell so I can send pics.