Des (thagirion) wrote,

Getting Ready for Christmas

I think it was this past Tuesday I took the cards out to have them printed. They told me they'd be ready around the 21st so as always cards will be late again this year. I had a very nice time out that day. I got lots of Jeep waves and one guy in a big truck was sticking his head out the window and checking out my jeep. I forget I have a head turner vehicle when I'm driving. He stuck his hand out and gave me a huge thumbs up. Hehe I love that. I'm very much looking forward to getting the doors done next. Just got to fix up the drawings I want to use as I'm not coming up with any new ideas like I had for the hood.

I finally officially beat Dragon's Dogma. I ended up with two hours of uncut footage of cinemas and the two final battles. I'm going to have to break them into chapters no longer than fifteen minutes. My computer is super slow when I use my editing programs now so it will take a long time but there will be seven chapters and I'll share those very soon. I'm curious what the total play time will be for this once it's done. The fight with Grigori the dragon was the hardest because I had to keep cutting so much stuff out but got it to a decent eleven minutes. That one is one that required the most in game footage too.

The weather is finally getting back to almost normal. I think the cold snap is over and I hope the warmth will last. I'm looking forward to getting most of the plants back outside today. All the new nepenthes seem to be doing quite well. I've also had some awesome dreams about plants for several nights now. My mind's been making up species. I really want to get N. ampullaria not just to have it as an interesting plant but that's the one that is used for cooking. In south east Asia people stuff them with rice and milk. I'm not a fan of rice but I'd like to try filling them with other things like meat or I don't know. I'm definitely not a cook or creative that way but maybe Chris can come up with something.

Chris and I are loving our smart lights. We have several bulbs now in the house. We've got both Google Mini and Alexa that are voice controls for them. I love that we can change their colors. That's so neat. Work on the house is going slowly but surely. We're still dealing with my mother's junk but it's now getting to the point where we're seeing some real progress.
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