Des (thagirion) wrote,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Fears

At last it is finished! I didn't think I'd finish today. But here is the 2017 Christmas Card.

I'm very proud of this because this is the 10th anniversary card. My icon is the very fist card I ever made back in Dec of 2007. This one is kind of a throw back to that as it also has a red ball with a reflected character. So we've got Schuyler Feargus looking at his reflection in the ball. His true form as Scary Fear smiles back at him. Scary Fear has always been one that casts very strange and creepy reflections. I really like how Schuyler turned out in this. So I hope to send these out soon to friends and family. Though I'm not sure when I can get to the print shop. Hope that they aren't too backed up and this won't be too late to send out. Also this is the first card I did not include the year. The reason is that I got stuck with a bunch of the 2016 cards and I can't reuse them because they say 2016. So I think I won't be putting years on these from now on. The year should be in my sig anyway and discreet. Ah I love this new character so much. Fear himself is two years old now and I still love him as much as ever.
Tags: christmas cards, scary fear, schuyler
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