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Dream and new show to watch

I have had some very awesome dreams lately. This one was inspired by an article I read about the extinct Solitaire which was another giant flightless pigeon like the dodo that lived on the island of Rodriguez. I dreamt I was able to go back in time to the recent past. That would be only a few hundred years. Perhaps 500 at most. I was on expedition ships and trying to think of ways to "save" species that would go extinct. Not in the sense of bring them back to the future but with what was available at the time to save knowledge so we'd understand them better in the present. One problem I ran into was how to record the voices of these creatures? This was lat 1700s so the phonograph had not even been invented yet. So frustrating. I considered maybe sending a live pair back to what ever king or queen was funding the expeditions and if there were any zoos to have them placed there for breeding. Or to save feathers, skins and eggs just as more proof than just written accounts and poorly made drawings. But yes no way to record sound was a problem. Phonographs and photographs were still a long ways off. I also thought to go back in time and meet William Bartram and go on his expedition to Florida for the first time. I'm part way through his book and one thing that really got to me was that we had King Vultures living in Florida. He describes them perfectly in his book but he never took samples or sent back a skin to the museums. If only he had done that then it would prove they lived here and a reintroduction program could start. Some people say he made that part up but why would he do this? His job was to catalog new plants and animals and he did that. He discovered Sarracenia for example though he got the mechanism wrong of how the traps work. So that was my dream both very enjoyable and very frustrating.

Chris and I have started watching the show Stranger Things on Netflix and so far I am REALLY enjoying it. It's a sci fi show that takes place in the 80s. I love looking at the backgrounds and see familiar furniture and toys. It so takes me back and I love it when I see a rare toy or something I used to have. So far there was a plush pluto and a blue phone that I had. So neat to see those. Also when they give dates I like trying to remember what grade I was in at the time. So that part is cool. And it's a story about kids that have a tie to this other dimension where there are monsters so that is very enjoyable too as well as one girl that has cool telekinetic powers. She's ugly though so it's kind of funny. Oh and I love that the three main kids are total nerds. I'm still on season 1 we'll see if they don't screw things up.

Erik came over yesterday to help out with the yard. That's always a good thing and we had fun talking to him before he got started. He wants to come back next week so I'm looking forward to getting that taken care of too. I found the drawing of Schuyler as a hybrid but didn't like it. Plus it's on line paper. Not for my card. So I will have to come up with some thing new with him soon. Perhaps tonight I will be in the mood to draw and try to come up with a decent pose for the new card.

I haven't forgotten Dragon's dogma. I must find time to play that. There's a move I learned about where you can set yourself on fire and that would be so perfect for Owen to use. It's for Arisens only so I'd have to use one of my other accounts and change someone into Owen Marsh.
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