Des (thagirion) wrote,

Dec and short update

December is finally here. I've got the house sort of ready for Christmas. All the Fall stuff is put away and I have the most important parts out for Christmas. No tree so far. I may not put one up this year but there are Christmasy things up to make up for it if I don't get to it. One minor annoying thing was that sorting through my mother's old stuff I found my old nativity set from when I was a kid. I loved this thing but there's one problem. The baby Jesus is missing. I have no idea where he went. Perhaps he's in a box I haven't opened yet but I'm tempted to track down another set to have mine be complete again. I could use one from a different set since last year we bought one finally. But it's not right. It's not the one I grew up with. So I wasn't looking to spend money again but I might have to do that. On the Christmas card front I think I will make a pic with Schuyler as the hybrid. I don't have much time now and I need to get that done. I need to keep the background simple, which is not something I like to do, but it will still look nice. Just time constraints and lack of a great idea for this year.

I got some nice new nepenthes now. I finally crossed one off my list. I got N. alata. The true species not the ventrata hybrid or the wierd alata from Luzon that I have. I've never liked the weird shaped pitchers on that one. They are all green and they are kind of flat. Some of the preorders I made a few months ago are finally in so I hope they'll ship soon. I need to buy more sphagnum moss and get ready for all the new plants coming in then.

I had to go to the walk in clinic for my ear. It got worse and the doctor had a look. He gave me some prescription ear drops and they have been helping. It's better now but still tender and hurts. I've never had an ear ache so I hope this will get healed soon and never come back.
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