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Getting Ready for Christmas

I'm having so much fun with my Google Mini. I picked up a white one and will set it up later on in the living room. Chris wants to get an Alexa Dot for his room. I'm all for that. I wonder if the install for that will be easier. The weather's been annoying cold at night and mornings then nice in the afternoon and evenings. I wish it just stayed in upper 70s to low 80s all the time. Yesterday I put away all the Fall decorations. Something's always getting lost at my house and this year I never found the inflatable turkey. That was disappointing. I remember the year the two ceramic pumpkins went into the black hole. I was quite upset then found them half way into the next year when I wasn't looking. I got most of the Christmas stuff out. I found the three boxes in the garage but don't know if I'll do the tree this year. I was a bit worried when I couldn't find the cute fiber optic trees from last year I loved so much. The USB ones. But then I found a small box of ornaments in the bedroom closet. YAY! BUT that's not the missing thing for this year. I don't know what I did with the USB charger that had six ports. I didn't use it as a charger but as a power source to plug in all these cute trees. I remember boxing it up so it's somewhere. I should have stored it with all the Christmas stuff. Luckily I have individual adapters but would have been best to put all three in the same plug. I'm sure it will eventually turn up after Christmas when I'm looking for something else missing. That's how it ALWAYS works. While looking through the small box I was so happy to see all my Star Trek ornaments. I had forgotten about that and I need to keep collecting them to have a Star Trek themed Christmas tree. I want to get Voyager, the Borg Cube and Captain Picard.

I'm excited for when my preorder for my nepenthes will come. It's coming from Exotica Plants in Australia so it may still be a while. This will be my biggest order yet because I've been adding to it over the months. I'm going to make a list for myself of nepenthes I hope to track down next year.

N. merrilliana x2
N. spathulata
N. raffalesiana elongata
N. sibuyanensis
N. bicalcarata
N. insignis
N. sumatrana
N. neoguinensis
N. ramispina
N. surigaoensis x 2
N. tobaica
N. tomoriana
N. bicalcarata x 2
N. spectabilis
N. campanulata
N. truncata x ephipiata
N. truncata x lowii
N. lowii x campanulata
N. (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x trusmadiensis
N. burkei
N. alata
N. red leopard

Ok so now that it's all written out my list is bigger than I thought. Should make for interesting hunting. I wish I could get N. Glabrata. It's available but it's a highlander and would not make it down here. I don't think so anyway.
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