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Happy Thanksgiving

Late Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I had a very nice one. Chris and I got new stuff. We got our TV, a blueray player and most of all a new coral Google Home Mini. That has kept me busy. Installing her was a bit tricky but I finally figured it out. Still learning how to use her. I picked up some Lifx bulbs and it's been great having different colors and different intensities go on and of. I am an instant fan of these lights since I got my first Lifx mini. I always loved how nice Tuvok's room on Star Trek Voyager looked and that he could control the lights with the computer with his voice. Well I have that now. It's just been a lot of fun. Check out this video.

So yesterday we had a quiet morning then we went to Chris's parents to spend Thanksgiving with them. I brought the google with me and my mother in law loved it. I can tell she wants her own now. I showed her a video I made of how to change the lights. One funny thing that happened though and I was surprised was that the google heard my command on the video to turn on the bathroom light and she said "Ok turning on the bathroom." Oh no!!! Would our bathroom light be on when we got home? I really wondered if that would work. It was and I was impressed that this works so far over wifi. I can probably turn on and off the lights from anywhere in the US. So I have to becareful what I say then so they aren't on when I don't want them to be. There is a mute button so she's not picking up commands when you don't want her to.

Well now that Thanksgiving is over it's now Christmas. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with an idea for this year's Christmas card. So far nothing. I want it to be special because this is the 10th anniversary. Gosh I can't believe I've been making awesome custom cards that long. Definitely a success. But I may end up making something generic because this year I don't have an idea and time's running out. I'd like for George and Schuyler to be in it or at least Schuyler. Tempting to do Scary Fear but he got the last two Christmases. So I'm open to suggestions. With all this awesome customisation going on I do need to think of some great ideas for new Scary Fear art. As you saw I can customize my screen saver on the TV and also my PS4. I'll show that later on and I definitely want it all done with my art.
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